Monday, October 18, 2004

I noticed

This morning I put on a bit of make-up and noticed that my eyebrows are getting bushy, but my eyelashes are thinning. Why?

Syd's brows are always looking good

I took a package to the base today and saw a couple of B-1 bombers take off. The sound they make is a sound you can feel.

B-1 Taking off

It is an awesome airplane. I can imagine our little box of Halloween goodies flying up, up, up in a B-1. Sydney thinks the packages will be dropped out of the plane like bombs.

B-1 Bomber


muse said...

Eyebrows, oh, yes, it happens, darling. Yes, it happened/s to me, too. I used to think that I'd never need an eyebrow pencil, just a tweezer. Then, a number of years ago, the first time I saw a flim clip of myself on tv. There were these two fat, short hairy things over my eyes. Yup.
I don't use it daily, but I got an eybrow pencil.

Anonymous said...

What a cool bomber...

Anna said...

Oh no! I see Syd inherited the McB bushy eyebrows!! Just Kidding, you guys are such a crack up!