Tuesday, October 12, 2004

To Do This Week

Finish the Quilt Top (must still sew the strips together)
*Set up the bedframe
Curtains for Hannah's room (bought fabric, forgot to look at curtain rods)
*Exercise Daily (yeah for me! two weeks in a row)
*Stick to dinner menu (not even one trip to McyD's)
*Bathroom Cleaning
Package to Nathan (packed - deliver on Monday)
*Put together a Baptism info packet
10 min. of training daily with Sam (Emily gave him treats. Does that count?)
Read aloud at Dinner (once. dang)
Call 2 sisters (only talked to one)
*Call teachers about program seating
*Prepare program assignment handouts

Looks like a good list. Hannah's quilt is coming along. It would be great if I could get it ready to tie this weekend. It has been a month since Nathan left. The time is really moving. Next week's big project will be Halloween Costumes. We have a dress up party to go to next Saturday - that should take care of my usual Halloween Eve sewing frenzie. Hannah wants to be an elf (Lord of the Rings) so if you have any ideas for how to do that, I would love to hear 'em. Also, I don't know what to have John be. Any ideas?

*Thanks to a wizbang Saturday I was able to check off a couple of jobs. I think it was a good productive week, all in all. (does "all in all" actually mean anything? it reminds me of "six in one, half dozen the other." I remember mom saying that, and having absolutely no idea what it meant. I am proud to say I get it, and find myself considering saying it on occasion. Yikes!)

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Laurie said...


Wow! I just saw the pictures of the bed Nathan made, and all I can say is wow, wow, WOW! It's amazing. What a great guy!