Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Dressing Up

The Halloween Costume project has been a big success. Because of a squadron Halloween party on Saturday, I was forced to get the costumes finished an entire week before the big day. That is a first for me. Hannah will be a fancy elf with flowing sleeves (most important.) Sydney will be a witch, dearie. Emily is still a pumpkin, and John is a little stinker (skunk.)

This year's costumes required much sewing, though the pumpkin was Hannah's, then Sydney's in years past. John's skunk began as a black sweatsuit. I sewed on a white belly, a white stripe down the back, and a black and white tail. The costume project nearly came to an end when my sewing machine started cutting threads; sad, sad day. We were able to press on thanks to my neighbor's machine. (On a side note, I took my machine in to get worked on and had a chance to look at spendy new machines. I decided I don't need a computerized embroidery machine for just $4300, but I may buy a slightly used serger if it is still there when I go to pick up my humble, but faithful, Kenmore.)

Sewing costumes reminds me of all the costumes Mom made for us. I remember being a clown in 3rd grade. We walked home for lunch and Mom braided my hair and threaded wire through the braids, so when I pulled on a string, my hair stood up! Who can forget the Strawberry Shortcake year? I wonder which one I was. Remember the year Sarah broke her collarbone and was a football player? I wish I had mom's red riding hood. I would make one for myself if I could, maybe next year. So tell me what your favorie Halloween costume was. I hope I never dressed up as a baby. That costume (complete with pacifier and cloth diaper) makes me sick.

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Laurie said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! Yes, I agree, we should do the gift exchange again this year. I think Anna is my exchange budy this time around.

Loved the memories about Halloween. My most unusual costume was the Purple Witch costume. I think it morphed form a previous-year's wizard costume. Mom dyed some fabric purple, and we glued glitter into swirls across the front. For the finishing touch, I tied pieces of purple yarn to the headset I wore with my braces. I'm not sure what the yarn-on-the-headset deal was all about, but it got some applause from the orthodontist in our ward.