Monday, October 04, 2004

To Do This Week

* = completed
*- exercise each morning
- finish all the stars and sew quilt top together (still working on it.)
*- get a bed frame for Hannah's bed (got it from a neighbor, but not assembled yet)
*- make a batch of breakfast burritos to freeze
*- find a babysitter for Saturday
*- set up meeting with Primary music ladies
*- fix dinner every day (yeah for me)
*- send package to Nathan
- read aloud - The Tale of Despereaux (the book got buried under a pile on the desk and I didn't read a single page. I will move it up to the kitchen and read while the kids take their sweet time eating dinner.)
*- 15 min/day cleaning the kitchen (a la Flylady. (I did a bit of kitchen cleaning - organized pantry, wiped down fronts of cabinets, decrusted microwave. Could have cleaned out under the sink, and lid drawer.)

I'm sure there is more I could do this week (I want to paint my room, make a little fall leaf wall hanging, paint Emily's dresser to match her bed, curtains in the kitchen, etc) but let's be realistic - only one big project each week. This week's project is Hannah's quilt. I will get it done this week. I will get it done this week. I will get it done this week... As the week goes on I will report back and check off items as I finish them.

Tuesday check in - so far so good - jogging 2 days in a row!, spagetti for dinner, burritos in freezer, babysitter hired.

Wednesday check in - not much to check off today. I did send off a package to Nathan, and a few items are half done. I am proud to say I resisted the Burger King urge and fixed dinner.

Sunday check in - not a bad week if I do say so myself. Having the list posted here on everyone's refridgerator made me feel like I actually had to get to the things on the list - like the bedframe - that has been on my list forever, and I finally got one! Also, it kept me from succubing to the BK/ Taco Bell temptation. I think I will make a new list tomorrow.


Laurie said...

Whoa! Love your blog! I got behind on reading it, and look, you've posted so much!!! The picture of John is adorable. What the heck is Bunko, anyway?

Love, Laurie

wendy said...

I think bunko will remain a mystery to me. Whatever it is, it is a big thing here. Glad you came by to visit!

Anonymous said...

Duh, bunko is a game played with dice. Sheesh :)


This is fun!


JoyceMcB said...

Bunko seems to be a big thing here in Utah. My co-worker plays monthly with a group etc. I like your goals and am excited that you have been walking. I have been too. Love mom