Tuesday, October 05, 2004

I Got Side Tracked Already

It was a beautiful day today. The leaves are turning yellow and red, the mornings are crisp, the sky is blue. What a beautiful day. So, I admit, not much got done on The List. But Emily and I spent the day outside. First we fixed some flat tires (after I dug all around the garage looking for a funny little black tool to remove the tire from the wheel) Next, Emily rode her freshly fixed bike for all of 2 seconds, trading it in for a scooter. The scooter was a little tricky, so I had to walk all bent over and sideways to help keep it on the sidewalk - while pushing the stroller with the other hand. We cut the walk short and took a break from the scooter to play on the swings at the park. We visited with some neighbors, blew bubbles, watered the flowers, checked on the tomatoes (no more red ones - are they done for the season?) then suddenly it was time to get the big girls and the afternoon zipped by in a daze. Maybe not as exotic as Nathan's tropical beach, but I don't think I'd trade.

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muse said...

Enjoy. You'll never get those days back.