Sunday, October 24, 2004


This month in Primary we are learning how Prophets teach us to strengthen our families. I am enjoying Sundays much more this month, as I am not teaching. Today we focused on Book of Mormon prophets. Last summer Sydney and I read through the children's Book of Mormon reader, which has many of the stories along with drawings. Her favorite story was the story of Ammon.

Ammon went on a mission to teach the Lamanites, and instead of preaching he went to work serving the king. After saving the king's flock of sheep by wacking off the arms of some robbers, King Lamoni thought Ammon was the Great Spirit. Then Ammon was able to teach the king about the creation and Adam and Lehi bringing his people from Jerusamlem. The king believed him and "...he fell unto the earth, as if he were dead."(Alma 18:42)

His wife is, of course, worried, so she tells Ammon (and this is Sydney's very favorite part) "...the servants of my husband have made it known unto me that thou art a prophet of a holy God, and that thou hast power to do many works in his name; therefore, if that is the case I would that ye should go in and see my husband, for he has been laid upon his bed for the space of two days..and some say that he is dead and that he stinketh, but as for me he doth not stink." (Alma 19:4-5)

So, in Primary we sang the Book of Mormon Stories song again and again. I did not realize that there are 10 (or more) verses to the song, each about a different BofM prophet. I learn things every week.

John set an olympic record in Sacrament Meeting by actually staying quiet and happy through 3/4ths of the meeting. We snuck out as the second speaker began his talk. We have a rather young and energetic ward, so John is not the only loud disruptive kid. I think it is too loud, but I don't know how the reverence could be improved. The children are great in Primary, and I have a feeling it is the parents chatting before and after the meeting that sets the tone.

We start Primary in the chapel directly after Sacrament meeting. The kids go right to their class's pew and sit so quietly. It is embarrassing when we are ready to get started, but there are adults laughing and talking as they slowly leave the chapel. It has been taking so long to get them out of there that I asked to organist to play a couple primary songs (Reverently, Quietly; The Chapel Doors) after her postlude, as a reminder to the parents. I'm not sure if it is helping.


Anonymous said...

Your ward sounds a lot like ours. We have a VERY young ward, and the ambient noise level is enough to give me a headache sometimes. I *think* my children behave quite well, but I also think that parents become kind of immune to their own children's noises!

Just wanted to let you know I think you're an amazing woman. Good luck on those Halloween costumes! Our ward party was last night so mine are all done! Time to re-claim the house.

Korrie in UT

Laurie said...

Love the comments from the lady from Utah that said you are am amazing woman. I would whole-heartedly agree! Also, I totally enjoyed our "I shoulda said No!" list. Great fun!