Thursday, October 21, 2004

Just Say No

In honor of Red Ribbon Week, I am dedicating this entry to the small, but powerful word NO. I am tired. Once again, I have learned why "no" is the most important word in my vocabulary. I have had way too many commitments this week.

When we were in California and Dana was my guide and mentor, she gave me an article about saying no firmly and clearly. I forget that I don't have to have a real reason to say no. I can just say no. Such as, "I really wish I could, but no. Good luck with ______." or "Thanks so much for asking, but I just won't be able to..."

I have a difficult time balancing being kind and helpful, and over extending myself. I guess I still think that if I say yes, then someone will want to be my friend. Should go to counseling. Instead I will keep writing here.

I like lists, and since I didn't do a To Do list at the beginning of the week, I will do a shoulda never done list now:

Shoulda said no to the RS - instead I am teaching how to make the famous Ducky Towel. Don't mind teaching, but hate the 2 trips to Walmart, cutting out parts, sewing on eyeballs, calling to ask for sewing machines, finding (and paying for) a babysitter.....

Babysitting. I already have a friend to swap with. I don't need more.

School fundraiser. Yuck. Cookie Dough. We sold 4 buckets total, half to ourselves. Why I said I would help sort the buckets for the entire school is beyond me.

Babyshower. I want to go, but why am I involved in the planning? Have to order a cake.

Halloween Costumes. I will have to dedicate a separate blog to Halloween Costumes. I coulda said no, but really, I enjoy the costumes. Just want to complain while I can.

The one that really ticks me off is the furnace guy. There was a note stuck to my door earlier this week saying that a guy would come sometime between 8am and 12pm today, and that an adult had to be home to let him come check the furnace. We were home. No guy.

Well, my complaining has gotten out of hand. So here are some good things about this week:

Our neighbor invited us over, last minute, for dinner. Fun!

Hannah's eye was bothering her, and our neighbor the optometrist came over and looked at it and gave her eyedrops. Wasn't that kind?

Sister Missionaries came to dinner. Always a great time. It turns out that we are only going to have Elders after tomorrow, so I'm glad we had them over.

Piano recital. Short and sweet. They offer 5 different time choices so that each recital lasts about 30 minutes. A lovely surprise. I was imagining the Suzuki Violin recital events of our childhood. Hannah did great.

How is your week going?

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muse said...

Don't be afraid to say no. Don't expect others to infer. By using the word "no" you'll protect yourself and your family.