Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Look Up

I stepped outside early this morning and saw the most beautiful sky. The horizon was growing light, but the stars were brilliant in the sky. Orion seemed to be standing above our porch. The stars seemed brighter this morning than they usually do in the evening.

I found a website that shows tonight's sky. If these clouds roll away. I hope to be able to find Saturn in the morning.

I wonder what the sky looks like in the Southern Hemisphere. Nathan?


JoyceMcB said...

Wendy, I have been looking at your same sky in the mornings as I have been walking. I have marveled at the beautiful stars over the eastern mountains. I am sure the bright star I see just above the horizon must be a planet but which one? Is it Saturn? I'll go check your website out. Unfortunately it was raining this morning and yesterday so I didn't go for my walk either day. I can see that I need something besides Bella begging me to get me out of bed on these wet miserable days. I thought I might go this afternoon - but still raining! Love ya, mom

wendy said...

It was overcast here this morning, so no stars. But tonight it is a little humid and the half-moon has a huge glowing circle around it. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

The night's I've seen Orion, it's been nearly overhead, which makes sense. You are in the N Hem and Or should be low on the Horizon. I am at the Eq and it is High in the sky. I like your blog.