Saturday, October 02, 2004


We are really enjoying General Conference this weekend. It is like a little vacation for us - sleeping in, listening in our jammies, leftover pizza for lunch, and projects! President Hinkley said that when all the announced and in construction temples are built there will be over 130 worldwide. Wow! I especially enjoyed the talk during the Saturday morning session by Jeffery R Holland about the job of Apostles during the time of Christ and today. It was exciting to hear the announcement of the the two new members of the 12 Apostles. Here is a link for information about them. It would be really great if that link works like I hope. There should be no html code showing, and the word information should be the link. I am going to publish this and see if it works.

I am so proud! My first link. Did you try it? It takes you right to the Church News. I think I will try another. Now, I think maybe General Conference at the top of this blog will take you to the site for listening to conference.

Hannah started a latch hooking project this morning and is about 1/3 of the way done. Emily, and Sydney did puzzels and drew pictures. John kept himself entertained with stealing the ball out of Sam's mouth and sharing Teddy Grahams with him. I have been working on Hannah's cute quilt. I had hoped to be able to tie it during conference, but I am a major procrastinator. I did get all the rest of the pieces cut and marked on today, and I sewed a wee bit. Do you think it is illegal to sew during Sunday Conference? I think maybe. I will have to work on the cross stitch project I started when Hannah was 3 weeks old. I worked on it during the spring conference and now I have just one more color to do before the whole dang thing is done. I really should do that tomorrow. Any projects happening at your house?

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