Thursday, October 14, 2004

Thursday Already?

Wow, where has the week gone? It is Thursday, and I believe I have accomplished nothing on my To Do list. Dang.

Well, Thursday is volunteer at school day. It is always fun to see Hannah and Sydney in their classes. Technically I don't go to Hannah's class - I help with the TAG (tallented* and gifted) program. Right now they are learning about elections, and on Nov. 2nd the TAG kids will be running a Kid's Voting election.

They have gone into the other classes and "registered" all the students in the school. They went to a Kid's Voting rally at Mt. Rushmore. Next week they will be decorating the voting booths. And on election day, as adults come to school to vote, all of the students in the school will be able to "vote" also.

Today the TAG group had a chance to see the kids' ballots and discuss how people choose who to vote for. The kids ballot has pictures of the canditates. I think it will be a neat experience for them to feel like they have a little part of the election. Kids Voting is supposed to also inspire the parents to vote - a note went home with the "voter registration" cards, and when the kids come home from school they will hopefully say: "I voted today, have you?"

Are you registered to vote? Nathan already voted absentee. I feel like a scitzophrenic voter - I am registered to vote in SD, I have a drivers license from FL, and we still claim residentcy in OR. Crazy.

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Anonymous said...

You can tell your class that your Dad voted over the city of Kabul, Afghanistan in a B 1 Bomber while on a combat mission on the same day that the Afghanistan people had their election. Voting is very important!