Friday, October 06, 2006

Today In Letters

Dear Nathan,
I hate mowing the lawn. I know that I said I liked mowing the lawn, but I was lying. When you deploy everyone offers to mow the lawn, so I have to pretend that mowing the lawn is relaxing to me, to get all those do-gooders off my case - but I am lying. I do not like it. It stinks. It makes me sweat. And if you really want me to mow the lawn, kindly leave the can of gasoline, just in case the lawn mower runs out. Love Ya!

Dear Hannah,
Sleep overs are so over. They make me grouchy. They make you grouchy. How about we just have our friends over to hang out, then send them home after dinner? If I promise to send my friends home before bedtime, will you promise to do the same? And should you ever have another sleep over, could you please NOT plan to babysit for the neighbors early the next morning? Thanks!

Dear Sam,
I just came home alone and the house was all dark and you were not here to meet me at the door. I was a little scared and had to check to see if there was a mass murderer hiding behind the shower curtain. Could please you bite your new family and dig up her prize peonies so that they will send you home? I miss you.

Dear Hawaii,
I hope you are getting ready for us. We are going to need a nice house and really beautiful sunsets. Big storms and sunny afternoons are also good. Am I too old to learn how to surf? If I ever wear a sarong to church I promise to safety-pin it in place so that it won't accidentily slip off in front of all the Primary kids. See you soon!

Dear Squadron,
I burned my tongue on the Chicken Noodle soup. I hope you are happy. Those little chocolate-kiss-on-a-pretzle treats were very good. I used to hate going to those First-Friday dinner things, I felt all alone and awkward. My kids were always the oldest. Now I enjoy going - there are loads of kids, and I feel much more comfortable around all the flightsuits. Bummer about the move.


Anonymous said...

Wendy, this was a sweet, touching blog. Aren't lawns supposed to stop growing in the winter? Maybe mow it once more and call it good? That's my plan!

Still missing Sam, and feeling sad for you guys!

How about a movie night with Hannah's friends and then send them home- they get to stay up late, after the little kids are in bed, but everyone sleeps at their own house.

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

This is a cute, cute idea for writing! I might have to steal it.

LOL @ the sarong thing... sounds like you have prior experience with this.

My son's friend's family doesn't do sleepovers either - they do "late nights" where they have a friend come and stay till around 10:30 PM. You get the same experience as a sleepover without the not getting enough sleep and grouchiness - not to mention all the horrible stuff that can happen to kids at someone else's house. I thought that was brilliant of them.

Donna Boucher said...


Don't forget to pack those safety pins! he

Mary said...

You are funny! Sorry about the burned toung. I like the suggestions about the "late night" party instead of sleepovers. Good idea.

Anonymous said...

Dear Wendy,

I don't like mowing the lawn either. Coincidence? Most likely not. I especially hate filling the lawn mower with gasoline and having my hands smell like a refinery afterwards. I also don't like leaves that get in the gas tank and clog up the engine, so could you please put the gas cap back on the next time you're waiting for your sweet prince to come along and finish the lawn mowing? Thanks.

P.S. The only people who really love mowing the lawn are those using ride-on mowers...could we get one?


Anonymous said...

hehe, Nathan, you are funny.

Amanda said...

I don't really like mowing the lawn either, but I have taken it on as my job. One nice thing about winter though. I imagine you will still have to mow your lawn in Hawaii. Maybe you should stay here!

LOL about the sarong! Poor Melanie!

texasblu said...

this is toooo funny. cute cute CUTE!