Wednesday, October 04, 2006

To Do

Seeing someone's to do list is kind of like spying. You can spy on my day by reading my list right now! I really want to just lay around and feel sorry for myself (I will put that on my list), but I have some other stuff that needs to be done, too. My excuse for still having so much to do this morning is that we had to take my car in to get the windshield replaced, so I didn't get my usual morning jobs done before I left the house. And then instead of getting right to work I decided to just check my email, and I'm still here! Yikes!

Find a ride home for Emily
Play with John
Fold the clothes on the couch
Wash and fold some more clothes
Tidy up the TV room
Tidy up the Front room
Empty the dishwasher
Clean up breakfast
Make my bed
Call Activity Day girls and Sister G.
Call my knitting friend
Lay around and feel sorry for myself
Pick up kids and car
Go on a run
Fix stuffed shells for dinner
Take Hannah to church
Make a million copies for the Primary Program
Watch LOST!

I think that's it.
What are you up to today?


Deanne said...

Let's I will:

get off the computer and get dressed
go to Costco
pick up Mae from school
make lunch
run dishwasher, put them away
do bible study
check my email a bazillion times
make dinner (any ideas?)

and if I am super motivated I will:

do laundry and put it away
tidy up kitchen (again!)
tidy up other rooms in the house
make a gourmet meal (ha! that'll never happen!) : )

Nothing exciting, just normal everyday stuff. So, why are you feeling sorry for yourself?? Hope you have a fabulous day Wendy!!


Amanda said...

I am doing YW tonight so I am going to miss Lost. I am excited, and nervous at the same time to be doing YW. But I am sad to be missing Lost too. You will have to tell me all about it.

Mary said...

Wendy, what are you reading, and what happened to your windshield?

Today was busy, and there were several moments of drama. Poor Lindsey was all thumbs today and had so many spills and owies!

All I have left to do is to get the baby to sleep (again! sheesh) and watch LOST. So exciting!

Mary again said...

P.S. Amanda, you might be able to watch Lost online, or download it. Just an idea!

wendy said...

Update and answers -
I got most of my jobs done. I did not fold any more laundry, and I only got to watch the last half of Lost.

Mary, I am reading "The Visiting Physician" not great reading, but it's all I've got. I need some recommendations.

And we got hit by a rock on our way to Utah this summer, but now the windshield is fresh and clear.

Deanne - I am feeling sorry for myself about Sam.

Amanda - Hannah had a great time at Young Womens last night. We talked about your lesson all the way home. Sorry I interupted - it just seems like the YW have been getting out really late the last few weeks. Sorry!