Monday, October 16, 2006


Nathan likes model rockets, he has been building model rockets since before Sydney was born. I remember making my sister Sarah go watch some launches when she was visiting us in California one summer 8 years (or so) ago. We have launched rockets in California, Forida, Texas, and now South Dakota.

It turns out I don't even really like model rockets, but once again I went to watch. It takes all afternoon, and I didn't want to be left out of the family fun, so we bundled up in jackets and hats (even the cat hat) and headed to the park to meet Mike, Mike's realtor friend, and Mike's little brother (of the Big Brothers Big Sisters program.)

Between all those guys they had quite an arsenal.

Each of the kids took a turn launching a rocket, and I even got in on the action.

Emily blasts off

John and Roger

scary rocket

The most exciting launch was the rocket that went sideways instead of up, and landed in an intersection - luckily it didn't hit a car or pedestrian. Whoops!

One of my most embarrassing moments was at a rocket launch that I didn't even go to. I had buried this memory until Saturday, when Hannah reminded me of it. It is still so embarrassing, and I really shouldn't write it up here, but I can't stop myself.

Long, long ago, in Florida, when Emily was a wee babe, Nathan took Hannah and Sydney to the park along with some friends (Unfortunately these friends have moved along with us from Florida to Texas and now are in our ward here in SD. Sorry Emily.) Rocket engines have a distinct Yellowstone smell to them, kind of like rotten eggs. And after one launch Hannah got a wiff of the smoke and said "That rocket smells like my mom's toots!"

Moi?!? Couldn't be! I don't do that sort of thing!!!


Amanda said...

That looks like fun. Sorry about the um, smelly thing. Kids are great for keeping us humble aren't they?!?

Anonymous said...

Wahaha! I love how your kids are always telling folks about your best qualities. Sadly, a McBride trait we all share....

Nettie said...

My son would be all over that! My brother in law brought one over on Thanksgiving once. The kids were all stoked, but he told them it would have to wait till after dinner. They never ate so fast! When he shot it off it immediately got stuck in a tree. Very anticlimatic.

Jody said...

How fun! My boys would LOVE to do that! The rockets that is...not the tooting! ;*)

texasblu said...

lol.... like toots eh?

too cool for the kiddos!