Thursday, October 19, 2006


Today is that last day of volleyball for Hannah. She has had a great season - a good team with more wins than losses, new friends, and a serve that gets over the net every time!

What I have loved most about this volleyball season is watching Hannah cheer on her team. She whoops it up and is not a bit embarrassed.

I always want to be like that - someone who can whistle loudly or yell just the right wooooohooooo! But on the, like, two occasions that I have pumped myself up for it, I have either yelled in a wierd broken pitch, or it has come out at just the wrong time, when everyone else has gotten strangely quiet. Then I want to, quick, slip down between the bleachers and smack myself. It is better if I just clap.

My dad is great at yelling at sporting events. So good that I was often humiliated as a teenager by his boisterous "Make her pitch to you!" or "Sacrifice your body for the ball!" I think that may be why I like people who yell (in a nice cheering way, not mean scary parents) but I just can't do it myself. Hannah would make my dad proud!

In other Hannah news, she has been saving and saving all year for her very own iPod and she finally had enough money about a week ago. She has always been good at saving money, but it has been more challenging this year since she found the mall and her "needs" increased. But she did it! So, Nathan and I secretly ordered the iPod she wanted and had it engraved for her and it came in the mail today! I am so excited. Nathan went to pick her up from volleyball where he is going to give it to her and then he will take her shopping for a little "skin" or protective cover thing for it.

She has really worked hard to earn money by petsitting, and babysitting. She started babysitting this summer (just in our neighborhood and with people we know) and has found that that is a good way to bring in the big bucks. But she has also found that sometimes having a babysitting job means you aren't able to go hang out with your friends. Hard choices. What a great kid! Go Hannah!


Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

I can't cheer at sporting events, either, without sounding like Miss Bird on Jimmy Neutron or a 2-pack a day smoker. Yelling well is a gift.

Mary said...

We McB girls inherited mom's quiet yell didn't we? It just isn't as effective as dad's boisterous one. He really is fun!

Way to go Hannah! I love those pictures, they remind me of my own bally-ball years, only Han is way cuter. I want an iPod too, you guys are such sweet parents!

Anonymous said...

WOOO HOOO Hannah, I am ok with yelling at events, so long as it is with the crowd, but like you Wendy, I seem to catch the oddly quiet moments. All embarrassment can me cleared with a surprised look around, with and expression like "who was that??!"

Amanda said...

Yeah Hannah!! Go Hannah! Go Hannah, go go go Hannah. Oh wait.. is the cheering squad over. My bad!

We are seriously going to miss her babysitting talents. I just don't know what we are going to do. I know!!! Let Hannah live with us for two years while you are in Hawaii! Yes, that is it. Actually, no I don't think I am ready to have a teenager in my home yet. Never mind. ;)

Anonymous said...

That's so great that she's doing so well! So many kids think they're ENTITLED... consider yourself patted on the back - you done good. And she done REAL GOOD. :)

btw - have you decided on your new blog name yet?