Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Over at What on Earth is that Smell, Thouroughly Mormon Millie asked "Quick, what's in your couch?" I thought that game would go well with my I'm the World's Worst Housekeeper in the World Theme so I decided to post the results of my search here!

We have two sets of couches, the fancy new leather set upstairs, and the hand-me-down set downstairs. We saved up Nathan's first deployment money to buy our fancy new couches - they are the only couches we have bought in our 12.8 years of wedded bliss, and I just love them, but we hardly use them. The fancy set mostly gets used for FHE and company. Sometimes I sit on the couch while the girls practice the piano so that I can look through their assignment books and see what they are skipping. The leather cushions are attached, so nothing can get under them - amazing - what a brilliant idea! I know that there is nothing under over or on those couches, so I'm not really including them in this game.

The hand-me-down set will not be accompanying us to Hawaii, because we will just have one family room over there. (It will be interesting to see how Nathan handles the stress of using the leather couches full time.) When we mentioned it to our friends, they jumped at the offer to take my mother-in-law's couches off our hands, and since they were so excited it makes me wonder if maybe we should keep them and put them in storage for 2 years. They are a set of 3 - couch, loveseat, and chair. They are not too ugly, very well made, and totally comfortable - perfect for your average basement seating. Hmm. Another hard move decision...

The downstairs comfy couches get a lot of use and abuse. I take my nap on the couch every day, and Emily and John use the couch as a landing pad for their high-flying tricks. There is enough seating for our whole family to lounge around watching movies or playing video games. It was no suprise that I found many interesting artifacts lurking within.

There was nothing sitting on the love seat, but inside I found:
3 marbles: one yellow cat-eye, one metal, and one for the Big-Big Loader game
1 green duplo lego
1 red triagle for the tanagram set
1 penny
1 green rectangle
1 white trapezoid
1 peg
2 popcorn kernals
1 sticky foam heart
Behind and under the loveseat I found:
1 Strawberry Shortcake pencil, 6 rectangles of a variety of colors, 1 penny, 1 nickle, 1 yellow lego, 1 red lego window, 1 metal marble, 1 Big-Big loader marble, 2 library books, one train track tree, one pink paper ice cream scoop for our reading chart, 2 clippies, and 2 hair pins (yippee! I can never find any of those babies)

There was one special blankie sitting on the couch, and hiding inside:
2 green rectangles
1 penny
1 pen
1 red rectangle
1 little red truck that came home from Spencer's house last week
2 horse stickers
1 Juicy Fruit gum wrapper
Behind the couch was 1 science fair project cardboard folding thing, and under the couch were 2 green rectangles and 1 white crayon.

I fold all my laundry on the chair. To take a peak under the cushion, I had to fold and put away one load of towels. Inside the chair I found just:
1 red starburst wrapper
And under the chair was 1 shiney penny.

If I was a good housekeeper I would go grab the vacuum and finish up the job. But, I don't know, that may be more cleaning than I can handle in one day.


Amanda said...

That is why I didn't look. I just can't look and see and then leave it all there, but I can't clean it either. So ignorance is bliss. Besides I have a mountain of laundry I need to fold to even get to one of my couches.

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

Yeah!!! Thanks for playing! :)

Mary said...

Wowee! I haven't lifted the cushions off our couches in forever. I would hate to see what Lindsey has stashed in there!

Deanne said...

I think my couch (we only have one) is pretty clean (do crumbs count?). I vaccum it if company comes, you never know if they will have to lift the coushions to get thier own lost item, and yikes what would they think of me if I didn't clean? (it's happened before, I try to learn from my mistakes). I also had to vaccum the couch before we moved. Can't have the tidy movers think I'm a lazy homemaker!


muse said...

We've had a leather set for a few years, and I'm surprised how much I love them. Cushions don't come off but there's space in between.

Moving to a differernt world--
what a challenge and treat!


texasblu said...

How does that stuff get in there ANYWAY???