Tuesday, October 31, 2006

H-A-double L-O-W-double E-N spells Halloween

Our Elementary school hosted a costume parade when we were kids. We would go home for lunch, and walk back all dressed up. The year I was a clown, my mom put wire in my braids, and I could pull a string and make my braids stand up. During the parade, the loud speaker would blair out the "H-A-double L-O-W-double E-N spells Halloween" song. I was suprised when yesterday, on the way home from school, Emily starting singing it in the back seat of the car. Her teacher sang it to them - and so the song lives on!

I will not eat Halloween Candy today. That is my one goal. John keeps bringing me candy to share. But I am strong. I am a grown up. I do not need Hershey's Miniatures to make me happy.

In years past I have been putting the finishing touches on Halloween costumes right up to the minute that the doorbell would ring, announcing the arrival of the first trick-or-treaters. But we had a dress up party to go to yesterday, so everything is ready for tonight. Hurrah!

And since I don't need to sew this afternoon, I am planning to do a little Halloween feast. I think this is a first for me.

I am going to grill hamburgers and cut out a pumpkin face on the cheese slices. I am going to wrap little smokies in crescent rolls to make little mummies. I already made jello and will cut out pumpkin and ghost jigglers. I put some gummie worms in an ice cube tray to freeze for our drinks. And I will bake some potato fries and steam some broccoli. That's all. I think Sydney will really dig it!

I am also going to put some cider on the stove to warm up cold little fingers and noses after the trick-or-treating. And I have the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown to watch while the kids sort through their hoards of sticky goodness.

Happy Haunting!


Deanne said...

That's strange, I don't remember Sonoma letting us go home at lunch to change into our costumes! I do remember changing in the bathroom though. And I also don't remember the Halloween song either. Hmmm, funny how we remember different things but went to the same school!

I heard Mae singing a song that I remember from school. Makes me wonder what else my kids will do that will be the same as what I did.

I love the mummy-dogs, there're cute! Sounds like you have a fun feast planned!


Donna Boucher said...

Those are adorbable hot dogs!

1 fun size Butterfinger down...
yummt bits stuck in my teeth...
I am not grown up enough to forgo the candy.
Maybe next year.
ha ha ho ho he he

We go to the dentist on Halloween.
Talk about scary :o)

wendy said...

Deanne - we always walked home, hmm, I wonder why you didn't walk with us?

Donna - ach - the peer pressure...

Anonymous said...

Your feast sounds great! What cute ideas, I love those little smokies. We'll have to do that sometime.

I totally remember the Halloween song sung by those thinking G.A.T.E kids. I also remember going home for lunch too. I think your parent had to sign something special so you could go home that day to get dressed and not all kids did that.

Do you remember the song "One little two little three little witches, fly over haystacks, fly over ditches, slide down the moon without any hitches, hi-ho-halloween's here" That's another one I learned at Sonoma.

Suzanne said...

Who would have ever thought that a hotdog could look so cute? What a fun idea to do a Halloween feast! You're great to say "no" to candy. I wish I had that kind of willpower! :)

txmommy said...

cute hot dogs!

I do need chocolate, You are a better woman than me!

Amanda said...

Good luck with the halloween candy not eating it thingy. I wish I had your courage and strength! ;)

You little smokies look so delicious. Sounds like fun at your house tonight. Are you going to the trunk or treat?

Greco25 said...

Loved your mummy dogs.
Made me just remember how we always
called hot dogs...tube steaks.
I just used that expression to someone and they never heard of it. I guess it ups the class of hot dogs to be called tube STEAKS.

Anne/kq said...

Those mummy dogs are adorable! Another hot dog idea, maybe for next Halloween-- cut them into strips lengthwise, then boil. They'll curl up like "worms!" You can then serve them on buns with the usual condiments, and some peeled grape "eyeballs" on the side, perhaps. :D

In other news, I have already consumed most of what my daughter got at the Trunk or Treat Saturday night. I'm eyeing the candy she received tonight now.

No Cool Story said...

Cute hotdogs :)