Tuesday, October 03, 2006

We had an exciting weekend up in the hills. First we went and met Sam's new family. I put an add in the paper and we have had at least 20 calls about Sam.

I'm glad so many people were interested in our great dog, as we have been able to be selective about his new home. We decided on a nice couple that live out in the country with room for Sam to run. We feel good about it. But still sad. Sam is going, tonight, to spend the week with them, so that they can make sure he will work for them.

After meeting them, we took Sam with us for one last hike in Custer State Park. Sam wore a backpack to carry his own food and water!

It was a long hike, but the kids did great.

John was such a good little hiker.

But after falling and getting up and falling again, he decided he just couldn't go on.

Poor little guy

Don't worry, Sydney saved the day!


Donna Boucher said...

It is so hard to do the right thing sometimes, isn't it?

I am so happy that so many people wanted your sweet Sam.

John did so well!!!

Katie complained plenty on our little stroll along Lake Monona on Sunday. Sheesh!

Deanne said...

I'm glad you found a home for Sam. Sad you couldn't take him with you. :(

That is so sweet that Sydney would take care of her little brother like that! That's awesome!


Mary said...

How sad about Sam, but at the same time, how great that you found a nice home for him!

The pictures are really cute. Syd is so sweet! We really appreciated how much she played with Lindsey when we were all at Sarah's wedding. Lindsey says, "Syd? Syd?" every now and then and I think she's remembering her fun cousin.

Anonymous said...

John is so cute, and Sydney is such a nice big sister.

I'm sad about Sam, what a hard thing for your family!


muse said...

You're doing a great job getting ready for the move.

Good luck!