Monday, October 23, 2006

Our Hawaii move is just over a month away. Now that the Primary Program is done, I can focus on the move.

Most of the things that were keeping me up at night a month ago, have been taken care of or figured out: Sam the dog has a new home, the 'burb is getting shipped to Hawaii while the big blue truck goes to visit Grandpa for a couple years, the movers are all scheduled, and we've learned a little more about the housing out in paradise.

So here is the timeline:
Pre-move inspection on Thursday
Stake Conference this weekend
Nathan drives my car to Missouri to put it on a boat
Nathan drives to Las Vegas for a class
The expedited shipment gets picked up on Nov. 17th
Movers come and take most everything else
Storage stuff goes to storage on Dec. 1st
Clean the house and (hopefully) pass the
Housing inspection
Fly over the big blue sea
Slather on the sunblock and learn to surf!

We can't do much about our housing over there until we get over there. We did find out that we qualify for a nice home, but the wait list is 6-8 months! There appears to be lots of rental homes available within our BAH (Basic Allowance for Housing), so we will be able to get by. And we have reservations at Lodging until January, so we don't have to be in too big of a rush.

We will have to decided if we want to live on the Hickam Air Force Base or the Army Base. Nathan is in the Air Force, but he will be working at Wheeler Army Air Field. It appears that there is a bit of discrimination between the forces. The Army guys say their base and people are way better, while the AF guys think the Army guys are a little trashy. I'm having a hard time believing there is really that big of a difference. Come on, you are all in the military, how cool do you think you are?


Donna Boucher said...

The base and the lodging looks so great. I just wish you all good things in beautiful Hawaii!!!

The Lazy Organizer said...

A friend of mine moved to Hawaii a couple years ago. We're thinking about going out to visit next month. She loves it there so I'm sure you'll be happy. She said she really likes how the people are less pretentious but maybe it's different with the military folks!

Anonymous said...

I love the rivalry between the military branches. When we were at the NPS as outsiders (civilians), it was interesting to hear the guys from the different branches jab at each other since NPS has people from all types of service that go there. They seemed to especially like to tease the Air Force guys for having it so easy.

Your timeline looks great. It is all coming so soon! How exciting!

No Cool Story said...

"Slather on the sunblock and learn to surf"

Good for you, I'll be thinking about this as I put on some chapstick on my dry dry lips and wear thermal underoos.

DH was in the army, and yeah, they have a rivalry thing going on. Ha!

PS: I wish I had know about Sam the dog, he looks adorable :D

Suzanne said...

Good luck getting everything ready! It seems like there is so much to do right before a move.

Have fun in Hawaii! I'm sure you know that "LOST" is filmed there so maybe you will get a glance of production! :)