Thursday, October 12, 2006

To Do

Today is a super busy day and I need to get all this stuff written down or my head will explode.

So far I have:
Showered/Dressed/fixed my hair
made my bed
made John's bed
emptied the dishwasher
cleaned up breakfast
fixed lunches
took kids to school (on time!)
prepared a presidency meeting agenda
worked on the nursery lists

I still need to:
wipe the table again
Primary presidency meeting
Go to Wa-Wa and buy stuff for roll-ups
Make roll-ups
pick up Emily from school
do some laundry
Parent-Teacher conferences at 4 and 4:20
pick up Hannah
Go running with Nathan
fix dinner (sausage and potatoes and rolls)
Go set up for Wives meeting (6pm)
7pm Wives meeting at Spa 80 - do some pilates, eat some healthy snacks, have fun
watch Grey's Anatomy - ask Janene to tape it for me...
make out!


Deanne said...

Make out? Did you just say "make out", as in make out with your husband??? Whoa! You go girl! Hope you accomplish everything on your list! hee hee


Anonymous said...

Cool that Nathan is going to go running with you. Also, the Wives meeting at a spa sounds awesome.

Sheesh, you two are always making out.

Amanda said...

My ears are burning!! lol Sounds like a busy day. Good luck getting it all done. Especially the last item on your list.

wendy said...

I just threw that make out item in there to see if you were really reading! wink!

Deanne said...

I think you just wanted some comments on your blog today.....I know your schemes! Well, it worked! : )

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

At least one of us will be making out tonight. ;)

Anonymous said... was the make out session?

texasblu said...