Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday the 13th

Sorry if I embarrassed anyone with my list yesterday. I was just teasing. But thanks for the giggle.

The "Coffee" or "Wives Meeting" or "Spouse Meeting" was a success. The Squadron wives (or husbands, though I've only seen one at a meeting once) get together once a month to get the news and socialize and stuff. It is kind of like Homemaking with no opening prayer and lot less quilting.

I was helping host this function, and I was a little worried that there weren't going to be very many people there. But we had a full class for Pilates, and it felt like just the right number of ladies for the space that we had.

We sometimes meet at the hostesses home, or at a restaurant, or at the community center, so meeting at the gym was a creative idea. It was fun! The class was great, and I soon realized that I have absolutely no core strength. I just hope the ladies didn't feel like we were trying to make them join. I'm not going to, but I would almost consider it if we were going to be stickin' around.

The only bummer was that I missed Grey's Anatomy. I am going to try to watch it now!


Mary said...

What a great picture!

I want to try pilates, sounds fun adn challenging.

Um, you said you would post a picture and the directions on making the cat ears thing. I've got my black yarn waiting! :)

wendy said...

The day is still young, Mary, I will post a picture as soon as the camera guy gets home.

Deanne said...

Sounds like you had a very nice evening, despite your lack of core strength. : ) By the way, I wasn't embarrassed by the "item" on your list yesterday....sounds like fun! Did you complete your list??? hee hee


Mary said...

Oh good Wendy, I would have been sorely disappointed.

wacca wacca

Amanda said...

Glad you had fun! Too bad you are moving to Hawaii, we could go to the gym together.

erin mcbride said...

wendy that is such a cute picture of you and nate. miss you guys! Love ya!