Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Two of my biggest nightmares are on Yahoo's news today:

First up is a Shark Attack

This guy was diving off the Australian coast when a great white shark came and tried to gobble him up. The shark didn't just go for an arm or leg, it tried to bite off his head! The guy did not "lose his head" and was able to wrestle his way out by poking the shark in the eye.

Holy Moly! That is so freaky. Emily always asks that we won't get eaten by sharks in her prayers, and I think I'm going to start adding that to my prayers, too.

When the movers were taking a break from bringing our stuff in, we were chatting with them, and one guy mentioned that he spends most of his time surfing. I asked him if he ever saw any sharks and he said "plenty!" The scariest part was that he was very casual about it. No big deal.

But it's a big deal to me, with being all surrounded by ocean. And going to the beach every week. And letting Hannah go way out on her surfboard - so far that I can't tell the difference between her at some big dark Hawaiin punk. And diving under the water and seeing turtles which big sharks like to snack on. Sharks scare me. I don't ever want to see one and have to poke it's eye out.


And the second bit of disturbing news is the Temper Tantrum on an Air Plane

In this story a little 3 year old girl would not get buckled in her seat, so she and her parents were removed from the flight. What a nightmare - for the family and the people sitting near them, and probably for that airline, too!

When flying I always try to make sure I have plenty of tricks and treats with me, to avoid all embarrassing scenes. But, you know, sometimes kids just get cranky and nothing helps. In my nightmares I imagined just this kind of think happening while flying to Hawaii: John running away from me up and down the aisles, John standing on his seat and spitting at the people behind us, John having to use the bathroom 100 times (wait that really did happen), John and Emily fighting over toys, or like this family, John hiding under his seat and not getting up. Bummer for those guys.


And one more bit of news, today is National Pie Day! This is only scary because if I bake my favorite apple pie, I will have to eat all of it, and then I will be round like unto an apple

Here are some tips from the Pie Counsel of how to best celebrate this important day:
Eat Pie! Bake one for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a late night snack!
Bake a pie for your Sweetie Pie!
Be a good Samaritan and buy a pie at the grocery store, then give it to the person in line behind you.
(and here's one I wouldn't mind happening to me) Reach out to your neighbors and get to know them better by delivering and sharing a pecan Pie!

Hannah is cooking dinners this week as part of her Personal Progress. Maybe she would be willing to fix us a pie for dessert! I'm thinking about this low point pie from Hungry Girl.


Suzanne said...

I'm terrified of sharks too and I don't even live near where they are! Hopefully, this worry doesn't keep your family from having fun. (And it sounds like you guys are having so much fun!)

Hmm...National Pie Day? I should really make my hubby a pie. He loves them and could really use one today. Thanks for the tip! :D

Elizabeth-W said...

My brother is so afraid of sharks he doesn't even like swimming in pools. He's a little OCD, anyway.
I completely hear you about the plane story. I saw that today and just felt so bad. Before I'd had children I would have had a lot less compassion for the parents than I do now. My first child I nursed til she was two so I held her on my lap and nursed her to sleep til take-off. My second child was not nearly so mellow, so we would strap her into her carseat before we even got on the plane to avoid any kind of crisis similar to this one.
I love pie, but hate crust, so really, I just like pudding, I guess. :)

Mary said...

We made cookies in honor of national pie day, waha. What a fun holiday! I think it's funny that there is a "Pie Counsel" That would be a fun counsel to sit on eh?

Sharks would scare me too, but I'm even afraid of fish touching me when swimming in anything other than a pool, so I'm a bit of a scaredy cat anyway. You should have asked for a no-shark guarantee when you bought your surfboards and scuba gear!

Flying. It's stressful even if the kids are doing great. That poor family must have been so embarrassed! Definitely a nightmare for them!

txmommy said...

I love hungry girl recipes and I didn't know it was pie day...thank goodness I read your blog today.

One time when we were snorling off the north shore by BYU-H I saw a shark...and I got out of the water pronto.
Another time I was at the beach with my then boyfriend and he was surfing and I was laying around when he came in kind of shaken. He said I fin hit his board while he was waiting for a wave. Turned out to be a dolphin but still freaked him out (this was at Rincon in So CA) I think everyone hates sharks.

Laurie said...

Oh dear. I think those are my nightmares, too!

Amanda said...

How scary!! Be careful!

Airport temper tantrums. That is scary too. I am glad that you guys didn't have to deal with that.

National pie day, now that I can live with. Maybe I'll have to try that low point pie. Thanks for the link! :D

No Cool Story said...

SHAWWKS! After watching "Jaws" I was so scared, I had to take showers with my eyes opened (yeah, I know). That guy is one lucky man. Scary. Stay safe.

I felt bad for the parents of the 3-year old. But then I was at a store watching this lady wrestling her uncontrollable kid, she was failing miserably. Then I felt bad for the people who had to put up with all that.
Talking about nightmare children, reminded me of the 9 year old who stole the car, got arrested, turned over to the mom, then got on the plane and all that, c’mon! a kid that age is doing all that? That’s just the tip of the iceberg, that kid is out of control and a danger to society. Now the mom says she is “proud of him, for showing that he is going to achieve anything he want to do”. Yeah! Let’s give him a round of applause.
No pie for that mom.

End of Rant.