Sunday, January 28, 2007

Let the Wild Rumpus Start

It has been 11 weeks since I was released from my last calling. I cried when the Bishop called me into his office to tell me that my time as Primary President in our ward was done. I'm not sure why I was so emotional, because we were getting ready to move so it was time to literally move on! But I was sad.

Then for the next 3 weeks, right up to the day before we moved, I substituted as the music leader in Primary! That is a fun job - too bad I have no singing talent!

So, we've been in our ward for 6 weeks and it is time to get back to work! I just got called to teach the CTR 8 class! It was kind of heartwarming to hear that this Primary (just like our Primary in South Dakota) is always looking for a new teacher.

I am so excited to just teach a class. To only have to call a substitute if I am going to be gone. To actually get to teach, and not spend my time lurking in the halls hoping to find someone to take a class for the last hour. And I am going to be a darn good teacher!

Today was my first week with the 7-turning-8-year-olds. There were just a few of them, and they were so cute! I am hoping to find some fun ways to get to know them better, and to encourage them to bring their scriptures, and to help them prepare for their baptisms.

Primary is a happy place for me.

I also get to help with Activity Day girls. Yippee!

In other news, I was invited to join a "Joy School" with John. This is a preschool where about 6 mom's take turns teaching in their own homes (5 weeks off, 1 week on.) I was in a group like this when Hannah was 3, and actually, when I was 3 MY mom did this. But (atleast when I did this with Hannah) it wasn't the REAL Joy school program, we just did a relaxed preschool coop - #'s and letters, etc.

I have been considering finding something for John, but I'm not sure if Joy School is really worth the cost: $50 registration, and $70/semester. I realize that is much cheaper than your regular preschool, but I kind of think a free mom-swap would be fine with me.

Any thoughts on this?


txmommy said...

yeah on your primary calling! That's such a fun age.

We are not doing joy school. I have a co-op with 4 other moms in our ward. We just sat down together and planned a curiculum for our semester. We have a theme each week and phonics and calendar time, the basics. It's very fun. I don't have any opinion on joy school, i've never done it.
Good luck.

wendy said...

Thanks for your comment, TX Mommy, that's more what I'm thinking. Maybe I can find my own little group.

orchard_girl said...

Have fun teaching Primary! That's Abby's class this year.

We did a 'bootleg' version of Joy School with Abby. A couple of mom's already had the books, and they would pass them around. They were pretty fun, emphasized joy and having fun (sorry it's been a while), and wasn't at all numbers letters or other regular school stuff. It was fun, but I don't think I'd pay to do it.

Deanne said...

Hmmm, I've never heard of Joy School before. Have you looked into other preschools in your area? I'm with you though, I'd so take a moms group over anything else (I miss the one I was a part of in MI)! I just found Maybe there is some mom groups in your area?? Can't hurt to look into it. Sorry, I don't think I'm much help here.

Suzanne said...

I teach the CTR8 class too!!! I love that age because they're old enough to read scriptures and participate, but not so old that they're misbehaving a lot yet. I agree about being a fun/good teacher. I always teach gospel principles, but I make it really fun and interesting. That way, the kids are excited to come to Primary, which makes them more likely to learn and feel the Spirit.

I have never done Joy school. I taught "D" preschool by myself because I knew we were moving during that year and I didn't want to interrupt it. I think if you can find moms that will swap for free, that could be just as good if not better than Joy School...but there may not be interested people where you live. Good luck! :D

Mary said...

Teaching primary is a great calling - the joy of primary without the big decisions and all of the calling for subs. Have fun!

I had no idea Joy School was an actual organized thing that you had to pay to do. For some reason, when I hear people around here talking about doing Joy School, I just assumed they meant the co-op kind txmommy talked about, which I assume is what mom did for us. I like the idea of doing that kind best. Less pressure, more fun and a great way to make friends! But how do you form your own group after rejecting the offer from the other ladies wihtout hurting feelings? Tricky.

Let us know what you decide!

texasblu said...

Joy schools are nice. Parent involvement is better. :)

YAY for the new calling. I'm struggling with the fact that this is the longest I have been in a ward without a calling - a friend of mine told me it was the mentality up here that moms with nursing babies don't get callings - esp. twns. SIGH. Guess I'll have to wait awhile longer. :)

A Payne said...

I wonder if I will cry when the Bishop releases me. I've been in this calling about 8 months now. I love the Primary. I hated sitting through Relief Society. I plan on being in Primary a very long time. The last president was in for 8 years. That would be fine with me. I will graduate from Primary when my kids do. I think that's a good plan.