Friday, January 12, 2007

Does Anyone in this Town Speak English?

I'm beginning to think I am losing my hearing. I keep repeating "I'm sorry, I didn't hear that," and "What? Could you repeat that, please?"

At the dentist today Hannah came out of the exam room looking a little confused. She told me that the dentist said "something about a referal or something, maybe about an orthodontist." I rolled my eyes at her and told her to Puh-lease listen, next time...

So, I walked in to speak to the dentist myself. I came away thinking he said something about a referal or something, maybe about an orthodontist....

I think I'll just keep smiling, and nodding yes, and saying "hmm?...what did you say?"


And here is Donna's Friday Five:

What comes to mind when you see the color orange?

The shag carpet in my bedroom when I was a kid.

Did you ever get in trouble while you were in school? If so, what was it for?

Getting in trouble is one of my phobias. I don't remember REALLY getting in trouble, but I can remember a couple times that my best buddies got in trouble - and I probably should have gotten in trouble, too. Once we were all swinging on the bathroom stall doors. Most of us left the bathroom, except Linda. She wanted to swing a little more, and she got caught and got a WHITE SLIP! Yikes! Was it Anna who got a White Slip for going up the slide the wrong way? And on the topic of White Slips, I knew a kid who didn't want to show his mom the White Slip, so he forged her signature (Mommy)

Which topping(s) make up your perfect pizza?

Plain old pepperoni is my favorite, but occasionally I like a pizza covered in meat and peppers and mushrooms and artichoke hearts.

Main Course
Do you believe in UFOs/aliens/etc.? Why or why not?

I don't think there are little aliens with big eyes and round ships, but I think our Creater could certainly have made many more worlds out there somewhere.

What color is your bedspread/comforter/quilt?

Off white. To match the walls. Sounds boring, but I think (hopefully) it looks elegant.


Mary said...

Ah, the orange shag carpet.

I'm like you and have a phobia about getting in trouble. However, I got a white slip in 2nd grade for riding on one of those toys that have a big spring as the base with my friend. There were two of us on it and only one person is supposed to ride it. We got whistled at, but kept playing on it and so we got a white slip. I was scared to death and I actually remember waiting until bedtime and then telling mom about it and crying and asking her not to tell dad. I can't believe I got a white slip for that! Sheesh!

I'm sure your off-white bedspread is beautiful on the pretty bed you guys have.

Deanne said...

Ohhhh yeahhhh, I so remember the dreaded WHITE SPLIP!!! I got one for chasing a boy with some other girls. I, too, tried to forge my moms name (her real name, not 'mommy' haha) but I had not yet learned to write in cursive so I printed her name and was found out! Oh no!!! Yeah, I got double busted for that one. Do you think maybe it was the purple ink i used that tipped off the principal (Mrs. Badell btw)???? :)

wendy said...

Mrs. Badell Doesn't that just look like the name of a principal (don't forget the principal is you PAL- that's how I remember to spell it, I hope that's right.)

What was with the white slips. Blowing a whistle just wasn't enough of a power trip for the yard-duties. It still seems odd. I would be a bit ticked off and annoyed (at the school not at Syd) if Syd brought home a white slip for chasing a boy.

Anonymous said...

Forgot about that carpet. We visited a friends hue new house, in their girls room they put purple(in one room) and pink shag in the other. I thought it was horrible. I know shag is coming back, but I can't imagine the pink or purple will look very good in a couple of years.

Deanne, I didn't try forging my mom's name until jr. high. And since I was perfect, I never got a white slip! At least I never got caught breaking any rules, I think I had a look of innocence.

Deanne said...

I agree, it seems as though white slips were given out like candy (not that us kids ever wanted them!). Yard Duties!!! :P