Sunday, January 14, 2007

Are You Some Kind of Weird-o? part 2

Today was Stake Conference and it was so fun! The theme was "Families", and the speakers were chosen from a returned missionary to newlyweds to the Temple President. The talks were not boring but they still mananged to discuss the important things like prayer and scripture study and missionary work. Loved it.

My ID card is still lost.

Here is a MeMe from TXMommy. I thought I should write about some weird things I have noticed about myself in Hawaii:

1. I don't mind the geckos. They are said to bring good luck, and they eat the bugs. We have a few living here in our home. There is tiny little one that likes to hang out in the kitchen, and a bigger one that lives in the garage, and at least one medium-small one that we have seen upstairs. I don't want to touch a gecko, but I don't have to scream when I see one running across the wall.

2. I hate the feel of grit on my bare feet. We have no rugs in our house. Not a single one. I have been sweeping and mopping the floor like a crazy person because I just hate the feel of sand or dirt on my feet. Before I get into bed I brush off my feet and put on some socks. I had to stop putting lotion on my feet before bed because the lotion really attracts the dirt and it feels so creepy.

3. I had really really dry skin on my finger tips in South Dakota. I spent a lot of money at Bath and Body Works to keep my hands moisturized. Maybe it's the humidity here, I don't know, but we hadn't been here a week when I noticed that my dry skin was all healed and soft.

4. At the beach, sometimes, I have to talk myself into getting in the water. I stand with my feet in the waves and go a little deeper, one step at a time. When the water gets to my waist I will just stand there and think - do I really want to get all the way wet? Sometimes it takes a good wave to get me motivated. I love to swim in the ocean once I get in, but sometimes it takes me a while.

5. I carry a white grocery bag with me whenever we go on a walk. We live in such a beautiful place, but there is a lot of trash around. It really bothered me, so I decided to do something. I take my little bag with me, and though I'm probably not making a big difference, it makes me feel better. I pick up cigarette butts (hundreds) and paper cups and candy wrappers and moldering newspapers. I have a feeling this makes me look like a real weirdo. Next thing you know I'll be pushing my little grocery cart around with all my belongings....


jmcb said...

Wendy, I have enjoyed reading your blogs. You guys are really having an adventure. Good for you picking up trash - making paradise better. Love ya, mom

Suzanne said...

LOL! Picking up litter doesn't make you weird, it makes you a good person! It was fun to read new things about you. I don't think I could be so calm with the geckos! :)

Mary said...

Good job on the litter pickup!

The geckos might freak me out a bit if I had to touch them, but it's cool they are keeping the bug population down for you! Two quick stories:

1. When we were in a tropical area in Brazil, I woke up one rainy night to use the restroom and when I sat down on the toilet I looked up to see a large lizard staring at me from the bathroom floor. I yelped and Randy ran in and wasn't amused one bit. He wouldn't chase it away because I was being such a whimp so I had to "go" with a reptile audience. EEK

2. Also in Brazil, Randy and I spent the night on this cool little island and had dinner at a restaurant that had geckos crawling around the walls eating mosquitos and what not.

texasblu said...

I didn't think that was weird at all... does that make me weird? lol!!

So impressed you got ALL your laundry done Sat! Whew! I hate laundry... really, I do.

No Cool Story said...

#5, can you be any cooler. No seriously, can you? way to go! maybe you'll inspire other people to do the same, or even some of the litterers to change their ways.

#2: feet + lotion + dirt= gross. Whenever I see people walking out (on the street, stores, etc) barefooted I think “eeewwww!”.

#3 Humidity has its good things also.

Amanda said...

That is sad that there is a litter problem in such a beautiful place. Good for you for doing your part!

Geckos living in your house. That seems so creepy. Cool, but creepy.

Glad that your skin is fairing better in the humidity. I am currently babying my fingertips hoping they don't start cracking and bleeding. The cold and wind has not been good lately.