Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Sydney cried on the way to her class this morning. A great way to start the second day of school. She had a no-good, really bad day yesterday, and didn't want to go back. I hung around until after the bell rang - she looked like she was okay when I left. But I felt terrible.

Yesterday her teacher was mean (to other kids, not really to her, I noticed this as I was dropping Sydney off - I guess not so much mean, as gruff and not welcoming) Sydney felt like she didn't know what was going on - couldn't read her teacher's writing, and had a hard time understanding what she was saying. Then there was a bully at recess (a big girl) who wouldn't let her play on the jungle gym. And Sydney was the only person in her class to have cold lunch so she had to sit ALONE. Poor Syd. I hope today is better.

On the other hand, Emily's teacher is the cutest little Japenese teacher ever. When Emily came in, she said "oh, you must be Emily! So nice to meet you!" and helped Emily find her seat, then invited me to visit with her after school. Her classroom is really cute, and Emily had a fun time. After school Ms. Yamauchi just gushed about how smart Emily is and how well she focused... How can you not love a teacher like that?

Hannah made it home on the bus and had a good day, too. Yesterday was all orientation, so today is her first day of going to her classes. There is a little problem with her schedule, but hopefully we'll get that worked out this week.

The funniest part about going to school here is the stroller gang. The children are not allowed to walk to school alone unless they are 10 years old. I think most of the children who go to our school all live within a few blocks of the school, so there are mom's pushing strollers in a parade all along the one road to the school. Double strollers, wagons, umbrella strollers, jogging strollers, even a triple jogging stroller! The crossing guards are all big army guys (+ one girl) in uniform, who step out into the road to stop the traffic for the kids. And they are still there for the mom's with strollers on the way back home. It is a little embarrassing!


Deanne said...

That is so sad about Sydney. I'll be praying for her! Ah, it just makes me want to give her a big hug (and take care of a mean 'ol bully!).

I am glad to hear that Emily's teacher is so great! If only that teacher would spend some time with Sydney's!

The stroller brigade huh? Too funny! Hey, I've heard of triple jog strollers. Maybe if Mary has another baby then they can get one? I know how much they love buying new strollers! *wink wink* (love you Mary!!) :)

Suzanne said...

Oh, how sad for Syndey! Changes can be hard. My 3-year old bawled the entire time in Sunbeams last week. Hopefully, with a little time, things will get better! :)

wendy said...

The girls are home from school and it sounds like Sydney had a much better day. Whew! She didn't feel so lost and she had a friend to play with during recess. The best part is she wasn't on the verge of tears while telling me about her day.

The bully crowded in front of her in line and knocked down a boy.

Mean teachers and bullies. This is the stuff of great juvenile fiction!

We are off to buy Shave Ice (not to be mistaked for shaved ice) as a "you made it through the day" treat.

Mary said...

Oh Wendy, that is so hard for Syd! I'm sorry she had a hard first day. It's good she had a better day today though. She is so little and quiet and sensitive, you just want people to be sweet to her! SO many changes.

I'm glad for Emily's nice teacher, that's great! Hopefully Hannah's classes go well too!

How great that there are so many moms out with strollers - and a military crossing guard too! Deanne, let's hope that I don't have to buy a tripple jogger anytime soon! EEK!

Anonymous said...

Poor Syd! I'm glad today was better. I was thinking about you guys yesterday.

Shave Ice-Rick talks about that. Last year he was even on Ebay looking at ice machines and syrup. (like we have room for something like that!)

So can parents stroller-pool to school, or can you only be responsible for your own kids?

No Cool Story said...

What a difference a teacher makes. Hope Syd continues to have better days.
I don't like bullies >:(
A stroller parade, that'd be fun to see.
"You made it through the day treat", oh yes!, you are good, I need me one of those (not that I had anything to get through but bored from being stuck/snowed in).

tezasblu said...

I hope as things get a little more familar sydney will be a bit hapier - and glad the hannah and emily are ajusting so well.

Now thw the walk to and from school sounds like something to see! As for the army dudes (and one dudette) - sounds like no one is going to mess with THOSE crosswalks! And that's a good thing! :0)

txmommy said...

oh no, poor Sydney!

Donna Boucher said...

I'm glad to hear the day went well.
Yay for Sydney!

Amanda said...

I'm a little behind in my reading of your blog.

I hope Sydney is fairing better this week. Maybe she will decide that she won't die if she eats school lunch. ;)

Somedays I wish we had big army guys as crossing guards at our school.