Saturday, January 20, 2007

Family Blogging

The McSistas are taking blogger by storm. In a flurry of mad blog creating, two addtional McBabes are up online. There are 7 girls in the McBride family. And now 6 of us are McBlogging!

The newest bloggers are Heather at Orchard Girl and Anna at Welcome to Town-o. Heather and her husband grow pears and apples and kids in Hood River, Oregon. She has 4 terrific kids, and is really great at balancing family and work and farm. Anna and her family just moved from way out in the middle of nowhere to a great small town. Her boys are the cutest little blondies around.

I've listed them on my sidebar under 'Ohana (family in Hawaiian) in order from youngest to oldest. If Erin, our baby sister, would start a blog we could start a revolution, or atleast a baseball game. She's all busy with school and boys and all those good things, so all signs point to mom as the next McBlogsta (McBerries? In the McBriar Patch?)

Just because I want to see it all listed (like a family portrait), here we are all in order, oldest to youngest:

Laurie at Prairie Tide -the original family blogger
Heather at Orchard Girl
Wendy's Tiki Hut - that's me!
Mary-Land formerly Jiggety-Jig
Sarah at Bean Head Family - come one Sarah, once a week, that's all I ask
Anna at Welcome to Town-o

All of us together this summer at Sarah's Wedding(not in order by age or height)
Mom, Heather, me, Erin, Sarah, Mary, Anna, Laurie, Dad.


No Cool Story said...

That's so cool!
If my calculations are correct, judging by what you wrote, counting my fingers, and looking very intently at the picture: are you the one in green?

Come on Erin! join the bloggy revolution, join the McSistas! According to the Birth Order Decoder found on Orchard Girl's blog, is says that "most of our comedians are babies of the family, because they use humor rather than competing directly with older siblings. But the competitive drive does exist, and when they work one-on-one or in small groups, it can translate into success."
Success Erin. Success.

wendy said...

Sorry for the confusion, NCS - in the picture we are NOT in order by age - Erin is the one in green (isn't she cute?), I am next to her in a pink skirt and off-white sweater.

From Left to Right:
Mom, Heather, me, Erin, Sarah, Mary, Anna, Laurie, Dad.

texasblu said...

Oh how fun!!!

My family started to blog, but then stopped. It's just my adopted sister and I now. sigh. Maybe they'll get back into after awhile. :0)

Great looking family!!!

Laurie said...

So that's what ohana means!

Love that picture from Sarah's wedding.

Laurie said...


So I'm wondering if you will be exploring the culinary delights of your new home. Are you up for grilling a little mahi-mahi? Tuna steaks? Or how about some Spam? I've heard it is a local delicacy!

Deanne said...

From the picture it doesn't look like your dad is wearing cowboy boots. I always remember him as wearing them when we were kids. Funny the things we remember!

I'm excited about Heather's blog! I look forward to reading it.

Thanks for the explanation of 'ohana' (I was wondering, I thought it meant 'sister') the way....what does 'wahine' mean??

Mary said...

Deanne, he's probably not wearing cowboy boots in that picture, but he does always wear them! I love that about our dad.

Erin McBride said...

All i have to say for myself is that I WILL NOT CONFORM!!! I am not going to jump on the band wagon of blogging, atleast not tell i am old and married! (not that you guys are old you are just older than me!) Love ya!

wendy said...

Laurie - I don't know how to cook fish, but I would like to try. Guess what? I bought spam for Nathan's stocking and we fried it up with eggs, and sliced some to put on Ritz with cream cheese. Mmmm. Hannah and Sydney love it. It is just basically ham in a can - not totally gross, but not my fav.

Deanne - Wahine means woman. I don't know what the plural for it is, and I could totally be using it wrong, oh well!

Erin, there are a million mommy blogs out here, no need to wait to be a mom. I think a BYU student life blog would be coolio. Just once a week. Pleeeeease!