Tuesday, July 17, 2007

8 things about camp

Deanne tagged me last week to write up 8 things about me. But I had just done 31 things about me and I was out of ideas. So, since I'm leaving for camp in 2 hours I'll write about that:

1 - No warm showers.

2 - Right on the beach. Who needs a shower when you can swim in the ocean every day?

3 - 90 girls from 8 wards. 17 from just our ward.

4 - Dutch-oven peach cobbler and foil dinners tonight.

5 - Where I Live, There are Rainbows is our Camp Theme. We will be performing a Hula to the song of the above name (I use the term we rather loosely. I am hoping to skip that bit of fun)

6 - Tents, not cabins. Trying to decide who sleeps with who has been the hardest part of this adventure. By year? One of each year? She can't stand her. She's hard to be around. She doesn't sleep...

7 - We will be taking a trip to a taro lo'i to stomp in the mud and try poi.

8 - Honey you can't love 8 (8) Honey you can't love 8 (8) You can't love 8 and keep our date I'm leavin' on the midnight train, la-di-da Oh-boy some-fun uh-huh woo-woo! Singing at camp is my favorite thing. I am hoping to instite the get your elbows off the table tradition.

We'll, I'm off to get my last warm shower and I won't be back until Friday. While I'm gone I want to hear about camp from when you were a kid. Did you get to go to summer camp? Did you love it? Did you hate it? Did you find your long lost twin?


Amanda said...

Yeah, I'm first! :D

I hope you have a fabulous time at girls camp!! How fun to go camping in Hawaii.

I loved girls camp in YW. In Vernal we just had our regular stake girls camp that was a ton of fun. No cabins, no pavillions, no porta potties. When we moved to SLC our stake owned property near Kamas, complete with a pavillion and porta potties. In SLC they also have beehive camp that we were able to attend, complete with cabins and showers and real toliets and a nice area to eat and real food to boot! It was fun.

Loved the songs, the games, the skits, the pranks, the secret sisters, the faith walks, testimony meeting - oh how fun it was!

Suzanne said...

Yay, I'm second! I went to Girl's Rough camp in my ward for 7 years straight and loved every bit of it! I've camped my entire life so it wasn't a big deal not to wash my hair or use a pit john.
I also went to Oakcrest Girl's camp for 2 years. It wasn't quite as rough because we got to stay in cabins, but we still did a lot of hiking and outdoor activities.
I love, love, love the singing too and bearing of testimonies around the campfire, and just all around fun!
Have a great time! :)

Tori :) said...

Hey, I'm 3rd!!
I was never a huge fan of camp even though I always had fun.
I am, however, a huge fan of The Parent Trap. "Let's get together, yeah yeah yeah. 2 is twice as nice as one..."

Mary said...

Like I said before, I did love girls camp. The singing is one of the funnest parts. I had forgotten that song(#8). I hope your girls all get along and that the tent assignments work out!

Have fun!

Sketchy said...

I've always wanted to do Girls camp as an adult, but sadly have never been invited. My sister however seems to go every year. Love the thought of Girls camp along the beach though...sounds heavenly.

No Cool Story said...

I'm Sixth!
Ever since I saw "The Parent Trap" on TV in Mexico I dreamed of goign to camp. No camp for me :(
My daughter Fashionista loves it, I'm glad she has the opportunity to go.

...Right on the beach. !!! Oh man Wendy. Your truly live in paradise.
Have a great time dude.

JoyceMcB said...

Driving past a church on my way to work this morning, I saw a bunch of girls and leaders and camping gear etc. and I thought of you leaving for camp today. I know you are going to have a great time. When I told your dad you were going to camp, he said, "I remember Wendy just waiting for me to put my elbows on the table. . ."
Have fun. Love you, mom

Steph said...

At girls camp in Alaska, I was using the outhouse and noticed a tiny hole and thought "That is the perfect size for a mouse." Just then, as I started to pee, a mouse came through that hole. Of course I couldn't STOP peeing at that point so I just kept thinking "Please, don't climb on my foot please don't climb on my foot!" It didn't, and when I finished I ran out of the outhouse with my pants down and screaming.
Other than that, I always liked girls camp. ;)

Carrot Jello said...

How nice would it be to have girls camp in Hawaii?

Special K~ Toni said...

Have fun- I don't envy you... at all!

Elizabeth-W said...

My mom, sister and I can quote Parent Trap (the REAL one) verbatim start to finish.
I LOVED LOVED girls' camp. I went 7 years. We dug our own potties, built our own showers, trenched all our tents, kept our food 100 yrds away from where we slept, and cooked all three meals on our own.
My last year, we got to go with a lady who was in her mid-twenties, and the rest of us who were 17-18-19 went on a trip with her. We were gone for 3 days with no other grownups. We built a huge teepee. We cut down thin trees, and lashed all our poncho things together to make this massive teepee which held all of us. It was the most fun I had ever had in my life, except for the 3rd night when I was sure I was going to die b/c there were bears rummaging around across the way, trying to get to our food. Luckily they went away, and I didn't faint (I wish I had to just get the whole horrifying experience overwith.)

Deanne said...

I went to our church camp as a girl. I loved it and looked forward to it each summer. I missed my first opportunity to go though. It would have been the only time that Steve and I would have been there at the same time. I got the chicken pox the day before we were to leave. I was so disappointed. My brother, elated! (the bum) By the way....your mom was supposed to have you girls come over to play with me when I had the chicken pox. It never happened. I was bummed about that too. What a bummer week man! : )

Later, as an adult, I was able to go to the same camp I went to as a kid, only this time I was a counselor! Way fun! It may have made up for that sad long ago summer I had as kid. : )

Mrs.Field's Cookies said...

i loved girls camp except for my last year when i was almost a leader or whatever. The you younger girls did not go to bed the whole time they were there and i mean that they sereously stayed up ALL night EVERY NIGHT! and the worst part is that we were all in one cabin! grr! hope you have more fun than i did! love you