Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Each Monday Mrs. McNosh washes all the clothes and hangs everything up on the clothes line. She starts to get a little carried away and:

She hangs up the dog
and his dish and his bone.
She gets a wrong number
and hangs up the phone....

After a long weekend I feel like Mrs. McNosh. Every thing needs to be washed (including the dogs.) So far today we have washed, folded, and put away 4 loads of laundry. Emily and John have been folding and delivering for me. John is good at remembering whose is whose (sometimes rather tricky with 3 big sisters.) Right now our fancy new washing machine (thank you Nathan) is washing our sheets. Today is a beautiful breezy day, so I will hang them out to dry on the line.

An empty laundry basket seems like such a great accomplishment.


Anonymous said...

Yes the empty laundry basket is agreat accomplishment. If only it stayed empty for more than a few hours!

Mary said...

Ditto what Anna said! After a week of millions of loads of laundry when Lindsey was sick, I finally had it all done and put away when I realized I needed to start all over again! I finished putting laundry away last night. The baskets are marvelously empty for now.

Joyce McB said...

Ooops! I'd better go check the washer - I think I put in a load last night.
P.S. Does anyone know of a family blog site where many people can contribute? Ryan Weimer was asking about that when we were up there. Is there anything out there like that?

wendy said...

I have seen group blogs - I think you would just set up a blog and give the password to family members, then anyone can contribute. There may be something more complicated. I will see if blogger says anything.

Anonymous said...

I washed our bedding yesterday and hung them out in the sunshine, (wow 2 days of sun in a row!) I thought they felt and smelled like heaven! Now does anyone want to fold the rest of our clothes?

texasblu said...

This was a really cute post. It's too cold in Idaho to hang sheets on the line! I'm surprised it's not in Rapid City!

muse said...

I love the picture!
There's nothing like hanging wash in the sun.