Monday, January 23, 2006

Sunday Dinner Revisited

We decided that inviting someone over for Sunday dinner would help us do a better job at fixing a real Sunday dinner, and keep us from feeling too gloomy. So last week we invited a young girl from church to follow us home this week. Her husband just left for basic training and so she fit most of our requirements: girl(check), lonely(check), kids Hannah's age(nope), not afraid of dog hair(check - has a dog).

We put the roast in the crock pot and turned it on! We made rasberry jello with frozen rasberries, we boiled eggs, and we made bread and set it in fridge to raise.

When we got home at 4:45pm we could smell the yummy roast from the garage. We put the rolls in to bake and devilled the eggs. Mixed up some juice and we were set.

Dinner was a success! Our new friend is really cute and seemed to enjoy the constant chatter from Hannah and Sydney. I was exhausted from a looooong day at church (ward counsel before the usual 3hrs) and a wild Primary with a missing music leader and secretary. The good food made me very sleepy, and as soon as she left we all went to bed! A lovely day. I wonder who we should invite next week.


I remember a dinner that we sometimes ate as children - shredded meat in gravy over toast. I remember loving it, and I keep thinking this is something I want to do with our leftover roast, but have not tried it yet. Am I just imagining, or is this a real food? I am going to try to fix something like that for dinner tonight.

What's for dinner at your house?


Anonymous said...

Hey Wendy, I missed this post yesterday. Glad you remembered to turn on the crock pot! We made corn bread a while ago, and forgot to put in the baking soda, yuck! Too many helpers! I keep thinking we need to invite people over for dinner or dessert like we did in Modesto....but we haven't. I too loved the roast on toast, I think mom used the canned roast from the church cannery. We were given a couple of cans of it, and that is how I fixed it each time. Yum! Heather

texasblu said...

lol - I don't know! This week has been a mystery because we have the RS giving my 12 yr. old a break and bringing in meals... my Mom will be here in 2 days! YAY!!!