Friday, January 06, 2006

Happy Anniversary!

Hiking to Half Dome - 1992

If I were a poet
I would write a sonnet
It would say "I love you"
Your name would be upon it
If I were a farmer
I'd give you a bunny
If I had a beehive
You would get free honey

If I were a baker
You could have a cruller
If I were a painter
Choose your favorite color
If I had some diamonds
I'd give you a few
Anything to show you
How much I love you

Did you guess my secret?
I am not a poet
Couldn't write a sonnet
And I think you know it
I am not a farmer
Can't give you a bunny
I don't have a beehive
Sorry 'bout the honey

I am not a baker
Don't know bread from batter
And I am not a painter
And it doesn't matter
I don't need a present
All I have to do
Is look at you to show you
How much I love you

- Kermit the Frog


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Wendy and Nathan! Wow, 12 years!

Mary said...

Happy Anniversary!! Congrats on 12 years! Love you guys! (p.s. that song is great)

Anonymous said...

Wow such memories. It kinda chokes me up to realize how much time has flown by. You guys look so cute. Life has evolved so much since that picture was taken.

JoyceMcB said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Nathan. I am so proud of the things you guys have accomplished in those 12 years.

As I read the poem I knew it was one from our past but I kept trying to think of who and what. I think I need a copy of that tape or CD. Mom

wendy said...

Mom - it was from your Sesame Street tape that you had when Erin was little. I found the song on a CD set that we checked out from the library. Cute songs.

It is I...Captain Vegetable...

Laurie said...

Love the picture of you two!

Anonymous said...

Ma-na-ma-na...I love that tape, I'll have to look for it at our Library.