Friday, September 15, 2006

Scary Noise

I am obviously out of practice in sleeping alone. Nathan is gone for the night - as I mentioned in the previous post. I went to bed around midnight and it is 1:45am, and I already had a bad dream involving a bad guy. In my dream I was trying to turn on the lights but they wouldn't work. And I was moving in slow motion. I hate that.

So I laid in bed listening and dozing for a while, and then I got a little creeped out, so I had to get up and check every room and closet in the house.

The house is all clear, and all the lights are on. I feel better. I have been reading some fun blogs out there in blog land - one made me laugh out loud for reals - which is something that rarely happens to be.

But I am still hearing a bit of a scary sound. Sam (our big, scary, mean, bloodthirsty dog) doesn't seem to be worried, so I'm trying not to be, but I don't want to get up and walk past the door to go to the bathroom. And I really gotta go.

I am such a loser.

I want to put on a movie (I rented Season 1 of Grey's Anatomy - not a show you would want to watch with my dad, but I love it) but my glasses are upstairs...

I heard the sound again. Cripes. Sam doesn't even care. He is asleep and actually having one of those doggy dreams where the dog starts twitching his legs as if running.

I wish Mary was here. I used to make her walk with me from our bedroom to the bathroom when I was in high school. I had to get up super early for Seminary and I hated to walk past the front windows when the house was still dark. Sometimes I would see the milk man and it would really scare me. So, I made my little sister, who didn't have to get up so stinkin' early, get up and walk me across the house to the bathroom with the shower. Sorry Mary.

I also used to have to ruuuunnnnn fast down the hallway from my parents bedroom, and I never liked to use their bathroom. I am noticing this same problem in Sydney - she doesn't like to go downstairs alone, even in the day time. And she will recruit John or Sam or anyone to go with her to find her shoes or a hairbrush or.... I am not encouraging this behavior, in fact I am ignoring it, but I wonder if we need a wee bit of counseling.

I heard the scary sound again, and typing is starting to freak me out because is covers up the sound. So I am going to sign off now, and go use the bathroom, and find my glasses, and watch a little tv. Good night!


FrogLegs said...

I shouldn't giggle, but I did. I was a single momma for almost 6 yrs, and I think I always heard sounds... I swear I got only 4 hours of sleep a night. Maybe try playing soft music in teh background to get rid of silly "night" sounds. Catch a nap.. :)

Mary said...

Hehe, I love remembering what a whimp you were about walking through the house and making me get up to walk you. Thanks for leaving me to walk back across the house by MYSELF once I got you safely to the bathroom :) The things I do for my big sista.

I hope you survived the weekend! I'm a scaredy cat with noises at night too. Did Nate have fun?