Monday, September 11, 2006

1st Day of School

7th grader

3rd and K

I'm finally posting up the photos from the first day of school. I took a few other pictures of Emily and Sydney at their school (next to the sign, and in line) but they are on a disk, and the computer says it cannot read the disk. waaaaa! There was a really cute one of Emily in line for her very first day of Kindergarden. You will just have to imagine her cuteness. She was sooooooo excited about school - dancing and skipping all the way in her pink high-tops!

Hannah's big bag hides her very cool 7th grade outfit. Aye. It was painful for me to let her wear the short skirt over the leggings along with the chuncky belt over the shirt and the dangly beads. I wanted to yank it off and put in her in a little brown corduroy jumper with some comfy Mary Janes. But I held back, and she was a cutie with her Superman lunch box.

Sydney forgot her lunch on the first day of school. She nearly died. We were able to get it for her so that she would not have to suffer through the deadly hot lunch on the very first day, but it was pretty tramatic (sorry lunch ladies, I know it is not deadly, she is just a picky eater.) I also deposited a little money in her lunch account so that if she forgets her lunch again she can solve the problem herself. She likes her new teacher and found that she did know some of the children in her class.

We survived the first week and we are settling back into our school pattern. The kids are ready to go to bed earlier, and are getting up and going on time in the morning. Sydney has even been able to get in piano practice before school.

John and I have been having fun with all the bigs gone off to school. We enjoy playing trains and Go Fish (or gold fish, as John calls it.)

Time to move the laundry and get ready to go get Emily!


Mary said...

Okay, I thought Hannah's bag was her skirt. Haha! She looks so cute, but I'm not sure how I feel about the resurgance of leggings. It's funny how those have come back! Syd and Emily are so cute too. I'm glad you're getting back into the swing of the school year. How fun to have one-on-one time with John.

Donna Boucher said...

Such cute girls in their cute outfits! Love the pink Converse ;o)

texasblu said...

it's good to get settled... how do they feel about the impending move?

They ARE darling Wendy!

Joyce McB said...

Wendy, somehow Hannah's outfit reminds me of Erin's leggings and short skirt she wore home one day while you were here. I hope Hannah's skirt isn't as short as Erin's was. Cute pictures - they bring back lots of memories. Mom

Anonymous said...

I wonder if you can see cellulite in those "new" leggins? Somehow I don't think I would look as cute as Hannah does in those leggings besides I think I have cankles. I forget how old she is. I always picture her as being about 4-5 like when I lived in Modesto with you guys. Man time really does fly by. I am really going to miss you all when you move across the picific. It has been so fun to watch you beautiful daughters grow up.