Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I want to...

write about the first day of school, but the pictures are all locked in the fancy new camera and I don't know how to get them out. Later you can check back for pictures of the kids in their first day of school duds.

Instead I will write an exciting note about babysitting.

I babysat a little 4 month old baby today for a couple hours and it was a good reminder of how much time a baby takes. She was a little fussy, so I rocked her, then I made a bottle, which she was completey uninterested in. So I burbed her.

Then she was happy, so John and Emily each wanted a turn to hold her, which made her fussy again. So I danced with her. Then I had to get the phone, and I remembered that talking on the phone with a fussy baby is impossible. So I wrapped her snuggly in her blankey and got her cozy on the couch, and she fussed for about 4.5 minutes before she went to sleep. Whew.

So I made lunch (tuna sandwiches) and sat down here to eat and read some blogs (sorry Mary, your blog won't let me comment.) And I meant to take a quick shower, but she woke up again and ate a little of her bottle, then drooled all over my arm. Then her mom came back and we talked for a while, and they went home. How fun!

So I still haven't showered and I haven't cleaned out the basement, and I haven't finished making reminder phone calls for Activity Days... It will be time to go round up the troops in an hour and then I really won't have time to get anything done. Waaa. Better get back to work!


Mary said...

Heya Wendy, for some reason, I think you have to click on "other" and then put your info in to post a comment on my blog. I can't post comments under "blogger" on anyone's blogs, so the "other" button works for me.

I can't wait to see first day of school pictures!

texasblu said...

Sounds like an eventful day. Infants are lots of work... but just darn cute! :)

Since moving to homeschool blogger, I have to use the "other" button too... but unfortunately, those that don't want anonymous comments don't have the "other" button... and homeschool blogger just flat doesn't have that option - you either have to be a member of homeschool blogger, or post anonymous... which is fine, except I never know who anonymous is unless they think to write their name at the bottom. :S