Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Time is Flying

I am suddenly realizing how very little time we have left here in South Dakota. Yesterday we met to talk about our Primary Program. It is just around the corner, and after the program is Halloween. And after Halloween is our move. Yikes! I am not ready.

I have been sorting sorting sorting through things and I don't know what to do with all of it. Do I load it up and take it to Goodwill? (Emily calls it Old Will, I think like Old Navy) or do I try to have a garage sale. If I have a garage sale should I go ahead and sell of the old couch set? and the TV stand that I hate? or just keep 'em and see what we have room for in Hawaii? I don't know.... And what do I do with our winter coats and boots?

Right after our move is Christmas. My sisters and I usually do a gift exchange, but I am afraid that I will miss out on all the fun with our move. And when exactly am I supposed to go Christmas shopping? Will the kids be mad if our Christmas tree is a little pinapple sitting on a table at the hotel? Not exactly the snow covered tree chopped down in the mountains....

Okay, relax. We have just over 2 months left, and it is not going to do me any good to get all crazy about not having a place to live. So instead I am going to start a list of things that I CAN do - such as buy a dog kennel and get Sam used to using it.

I am going to see if I can find a count down thing-a-ma-bob for my blog.


Mary said...

Hey, as for sorting stuff, you could always do a garage sale and then take the rest to Good Will. If a sale seems too stressful, then just donate it all, someone will get good use out of it I"m sure. If I were you, I would sell/get rid of the old couch set and the tv stand that you hate. We've kept a few things in our moves that I just wanted to get rid of, like the crappiest, most ridiculously small and broken "dresser" with four drawers but only 2 draw pulls, but couldn't because it does it's job, and we still have it after 3 moves! That said, my favorite part about moving is sorting and getting rid of stuff and starting fresh.

This will be such an adventure for you guys! You can't get much cooler than Christmas on an exotic, tropical island.

Have fun! Eek, primary program. Our president has been dealing with family stress, maybe I should offer to work on it...

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mary, get rid of the couch and TV stand if you hate them. You can always re-buy a cheap couch or find something cool at a garage sale, and maybe people in Hawaii have totally awesome, year round garage sales. Christmas will be fun, think swimming on the beach, and smores at sunset!

muse said...

Why don't you and your family make an "early Christmas" as farewell party?

Exchange gifts and do all what you would have done if still nearby.

Give whatever you can to charity. Doesn't the army base have some sort of "exchange system" for families changing climates and suddenly needing, or not needing things, like you're experiencing? It would save a lot of money and hassle.

Good luck!

texasblu said...

here's the ticker factory URL:

I stressed like that when our move was put off for a month... except in my case, since my body had delt with all the invections & stuff from surgery, my body couldn't handle it & I broke out in shingles. You don't want that! Just take one day (even wk) at a time and tell yourself "I going to get THIS done..." and just keep moving w/o the stress. You'll do great. :)

Donna Boucher said...

Oh! moving is so stressful.

Get rid of everything you don't love. Can you leave the coats and boots with family? In someone's basement? You certainly don't need to drag all of that to Heaven..oops... I mean Hawaii.

You're wise to do what you can today.

If you do have a garage sale, call St. Vinnies or Goodwill and set them up for a pick up the day your garage sale ends. This keeps you from bringing anything back into the house.

Try to have fun with the whole first Christmas in Hawaii...think of the memories :o)