Saturday, September 02, 2006

Where did the Summer Go?

I had to write a check this morning and I was shocked to find that today is September 2nd! Can you believe it? The outdoor pool is closed. It is a little chilly today. School starts Tuesday. I think summer may be at an end.

So it is time to check my list of summer goals and see how I did. Back in July I made a list of 30 things to do the summer I turned 30. I will put a star by those goals I have accomplished, so here's the list:

*1. Get my teeth cleaned
*2. Try 10 new recipes
3. Send ducky towels to new neices and nephew (oh my gosh, I am such a slacker)
4. Run a 10 K race (not a race, but I did run a 10k length run)
*5. Knit a button-hole bag
6. Post 30 notes on my blog (This is post #25)
7. Climb Harney Peak (the highest peak east of the Rockies)
8. Go see Devil's Tower
*9. Canoe (at Girls Camp, plus also I have gone waterskiing!)
*10. Plant petunias (actually, mums)
*11. Go see Devil's Bathtub
*12. Get my eyes checked
*13. Go to the concert in the park
*14. Bike ride/jog all of the city trail
15. Do cooking school with Sydney
*16. Identify 10 local wildflowers
*17. Buy a new swim suit
*18. Track my miles run (july miles=67, aug miles=35.5, summer total 102.5)
19. Go to a rodeo
*20. Take Emily in for her Kindergarten immunizations
*21. Pan up a little gold (I tagged along with Nathan, he found the gold, does that count?)
22. Have a garage sale
*23. Renew my temple recommend
*24. Go to the Olympic National Park
25. Bike ride on the Mickelson Trail
26. Write the Primary Program
*27. Take in my neglected dry cleaning
*28. Keep a reading log
*29. Sleep under the stars
*30. Watch the sunset

I feel great about all I was able to do this summer, but there are still some things I still need to do, some things I can skip, a couple things I REALLY want to do here in Rapid City before we move to Hawaii:

#3 Next week will be a sewing week. I have a couple towel orders and I WILL send off towels to Rand and Kate and Iris.
#26 I also need to get that Primary Program written. I have to work on that this week before our presidency meeting. I'm sure it will be spectacular!
#7, #8, #25 - Mickelson Trail, Harney Peak, and Devils Tower. The Barrett Hiking club needs to get back out on the trail!

That leaves Have a Garage Sale(22), Go To a Rodeo(19), and Cooking School(15) I don't know that I'll get around to doing those things....

The summer has just slipped through my fingers. I don't know where it went, but I am getting excited about Autumn with potato soup and long-sleeved shirts and apples and pumpkin pie and socks and Kindergarten and leaves and....


Donna Boucher said...

Good job with your list!

Summer is not over until @ Sept 21st. You have a few weeks left :o)

texasblu said...

Looks like you did great! When do you move to paradise?

Laurie said...

Cool list. Quite an amazing number of accomplishments!

Mary said...

Perhaps you can go to a Hawaiian rodeo and do cooking school with Syd this fall as an after-school enrichment. A garage sale just before moving would be handy too.

You did great on your list! I'm excited for all the fall things you mentioned as well.

Mel said...

Wow, you did great on that list! Very ambitious!

I can't believe how fast summer goes by! When I was a kid, it lasted forever.

Laurie said...

Regarding how I get the text to appear to the right of my photos. I use the blogger feature to load photos into a post. When I do this, I select the "medium"-sized photo, and I select the "left side" alighnment. Somehow, the text wraps all on it's own. Hope that helps! L