Thursday, September 21, 2006

Internet Friends

Last week I had a bit of a dilema. I was reading my sister Mary's new blog, and decided to check out the links on her sidebar. While reading one of the links, I noticed a nice comment and decided to go read that person's blog. As soon as I got there, I could tell that the blog belonged to a good friend of mine from church.

Amanda's blog is so cute, and it was fun to read, but I felt like I was kind of spying on her. I couldn't decide if I should comment or if I should just wait and see if she said anything to me about her blog. Amanda and I work together in Primary, and she also runs the book club that I try to go to. She is someone I really look up to, and she has a terrific family - and I didn't want to scare her!

That was the first time I have found the blog of someone I actually know in real life - so what do you do if you find the blog of a friend or neighbor or coworker? I think I should have just commented - it's not a big deal, and I love-love-love to get comments on my blog, so she probaby wouldn't have thought I was a weird-o.

My problem was solved a few days later when she emailed me some info for Primary and included a link to her blog! Sorry Amanda - I hope you don't think I'm stalking you!

Around that same time I got an email from my mom saying that a childhood friend of mine had contacted her and was wanting to find me. Crazy! Nathan keeps in touch with friends from his childhood and from everywhere we have ever lived, but I don't. I send out Christmas cards to close friends from the past, but I am a slacker at keeping in touch.

So it was really a suprise to hear from Deanne. Deanne lived across the street from us in Modesto. We spent a lot of time together roller-skating and swimming. There was always a fresh jug of Koolaid in their refridgerator - I was always impressed by that, because in our family of 9, koolaid didn't stay around for long. There was a cross-stitched scripture near their front door - But as for me and my house we will serve the Lord - whenever I read that verse I think of her family.

It has been really fun to get to know Deanne again! She has just started a blog, too!


Amanda said...

Wendy that is soooo funny. I found yours awhile back too and felt the same way. I told Scott that I felt like I was stalking you behind your back. So I finally told you about mine so that I could "legally" read yours and not feel so guilty about it. Who knew?

Mary said...

That's fun! I peeked at Amanda's blog and it is cute! I'm excited to look at Deanne's. How cool that she found you after all these years. She's older than me so I don't remember a lot about her, but I do have a memory of playing with her and you guys on the swingset in the back yard and teasing her about having a crush on "Night Rider." I hope I didn't make that memory up! I also remember their family having a boat in the garage, which seemed so fascinating.

Deanne said...

Kool aid huh? Guess I know what to send you for your birthday next year! Funny the things we remember! I remember making a fort at the side of your house, playing in the almond trees in your backyard, and gathering leaves from nieghbors yards so we could make a HUGE pile in your yard! I'm so glad to reminice with you.

Mary, regretfully I think your memory is true! But I am happy to report that my affentions have transfered to a more worthy subject, my husband! : ) My parents still have the boat (or A boat I should say, not the same one) but it is happily installed at the side of the house...makes room for a vehicle in the garage!

Anonymous said...

I will leave a comment because I know how nice it is to get them. I love love love them too. I have only recently discovered the blog world. I started one a week ago or so. I book marked yours. it's fun to peek into others lives. Kinda addicting I think. whats right, keep smiling, and hang on.