Wednesday, March 07, 2007

76 Trombones

Hannah plays the flute in her middle school band. This weekend 4 middle schools and 2 high schools got together for a battle of the bands. Hannah's group sounded great. One parent behind us said, "That band is cream of the crop."

One thing I love about the band, is that where ever you go, all band geeks (sorry hannah) tap their feet to the music! If you look close in that picture, you can see Hannah's little black ballet slipper in mid-tap.

The last minute scramble for a black skirt and clean white shirt brought back memories!


I went jogging today with Hannah's IPod. She's had her IPod for almost a year, and this is the first time I remembered to take it with me. Fun!

I've been suffering a little country music withdrawl, so I dialed up the Dixie Chicks on the playlist. I know we hate the Dixie Chicks and all that, but it was fun to be Ready to Run with Earl. I started listening to country when we lived in Texas - it was a requirement. But country music and Hawaii don't mix. The only country station here is on AM. I enjoy the island sound while driving around town, but the Dixie Chicks have a nice running beat.

I felt like that commercial - my legs were just running along like usual, but my shadow was dancing like the crazy dancer guy at my sister Sarah's wedding. I have a feeling I may have shouted HELLO a little too loud to the people that I passed on the sidewalk.

About halfway through my run I started to have ear-bud problems. It turns out that not only do I sweat so bad it looks like I'm wearing a bib by the time I get home, but my ears also sweat. Great. It was a bit annoying to have to continually push the earbuds back into by sweaty little ears. After a while I started to be able to hear my own heartbeat between songs. Is that normal?

Have a great day!


Deanne said...

That was nice of Hannah to lend you her ipod! I have issues with my ear buds too. I feel like I can just barely get them to stay in. Then once I do, it feels like if I move too much that they will fall out! Is it just me, or are these things designed weird, or maybe I just have odd shaped ears?! :)

Elizabeth-W said...

I think those are my favorite DC songs to be on my treadmill to, too!!
And I don't mind the DC sayin' stuff about people, really. I mean, we all say stuff we regret (can you say 'earthquake!'??).

Steph said...

I am with Deanne! I got an iPod for Christmas and apparently have really weird shaped ear holes...I can't keep the blasted things in.

I also like(d) running to Dixie Chicks. I just love their music and don't care what their political views are!

No Cool Story said...

Way to go Hannah.
"I know we hate the Dixie Chicks and all that", LOL :D As long as we all know that I have no problem, ha ha ha! You are hilarious.

Your ears sweat, oh, poor poor you :( I'd hate that.

nikko said...

Ugh. Ear buds are so uncomfortable for me. I have to use "real" headphones. Those band pictures brought back memories for me, too.

Mary said...

I'm down with the Chicks. If I worried about agreeing with all of the choices of each band out there, there would be no music for me to listen to that wasn't Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and you certainly can't work out to most of their stuff.... :)

I have no iPod, so I'm not cool enough to comment on the ear bud woes. But ear buds sound rather strange.

Finally, I totally tap my feet to the music during primary. It's just the old band geek coming out in me - that and trying to help our somewhat hapless chorister to keep up with the piano. (You didn't hear that from me!)

txmommy said...

I don't have an ipod, but good for you for working hard enough to have sweaty ears!

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

The MoTab is getting pretty hip these days, with their built-in orchestra.

Maybe you should get some masking tape and tape the buds into your ears. I mean, if you're really serious.


Amber said...

I LOVE running with my hubby's ipod. However, the earbuds don't work for me, probably because I have small, sweat ears when I run, too. And so I've switched over to headphones and my life is at peace again. :-)

Carrotjello said...

Mmmm sweaty ears. The only running I do is running to the bathroom in the middle of the night. You inspire me. Not enough to start jogging, but enough to daydream about it.

Suzanne said...

How fun! My ear buds fall out every once in awhile too! I love exercising to a good country beat.

Hannah looks so sweet playing her flute! :)

carronin said...

My son has a choir concert tonight guess what he needs to wear black pants and a white shirt. I've got some laundry to do.

Amanda said...

How fun, pictures of Hannah. I must say, having played the flute when I was younger, her form looks fantastic!

LOL at the saying "hello" a little too loud. Sorry about the sweating problem. Funny the places that we sweat.

muse said...

The right music makes all the difference!