Monday, March 26, 2007

Body Surfing at Waimea Bay

Calm and beautiful - the water, and Hannah.
Just swim past the breaking water, and the water is perfect for relaxing.

Swim a little closer to shore, and the waves are perfect for body surfing.

Go Sydney!

Hold your breath!

Can you see that little pipe forming?

We came to this beach in December and the waves were huge. Bigger than a house. 16-20 feet! The surfers were loving it, but no swimmers allowed in the water. Emily lost a flip-flop to a huge wave that came up over the sand hill. A woman came over and warned me to keep close to the kids and pointed out how high the waves were coming (after we lost the slippah.) That embarrassed me, but she was right.

It was hard to tell how big those waves were, but seeing the smaller 3' (and occasional 5') waves this week really made me realize just how gi-normous those big waves were. Lucky for us Waimea Bay has been calmer this Spring Break. Perfect for boogie boarding and body surfing and whale watching.


Amber said...

I LOVE body surfing! Of course, I am always pummeled by the waves and dragged underneath while my hubby glides effortlessly to shore. Kind of indicative of my life sometimes. ;-)

Deanne said...

Whale watching???.....have you seen any yet?? Waves the size of a house? Whoa mama!

Amanda said...

Yes, do tell. Have you seen any whales? That is so cool.

Body surfing, I'd probably drown. Your kids are going to be such skilled swimmers by the time you leave Hawaii. How fun!!

No Cool Story said...

COOL! And also whlae watching? Oh, no wonder it's called Paradise over there.
ITA with Amanda, your kids are goign to turn into mermaids, way to go.

Swimsuit update: I waited too long to find one, I wish I could just order it online, but we are picky about how things fit us and we are leaving this Saturday. Today we are going to a different mall: I was promised NO tears.

nikko said...

Oooh! That looks so cool. Look at all the skills you are learning in Hawaii -- whale watching skills, body surfing skills, boogie boarding skills. I'm jealous!

Annie said...

I love the beach pictures. Keep them coming!

wendy said...

Yesterday we went on a hike to a lighthouse and saw some whale flippers and some blow holes, but darn those whales, they wouldn't pose for a picture!

wendy said...

ps you should click on that picture of sydney under the water and see her squinched face up close. So cute!

Elizabeth-W said...

If I lived in Hawaii I would never get any housework done! I'd just grow myself a fin! I'm so happy for you guys to get to have this experience.

txmommy said...

that looks like so much fun, your kids are fish!