Friday, March 23, 2007

Swim Wear Woes

Hannah and I have been searching for the perfect swim suit. Something cute. Something hip. Something in a size tiny (for han). Something modest.

When I say modest I don't mean this:

I mean regular swim suit coverage. No cap sleeves, no long shorts. We'll buy board shorts to match, and we have rash guards to cover up on top, but we want the option to tan. Board shorts and rash guards really are important in surfing. Especially if your spend more of your time struggling to stay on the board than on your feet. So we have those. But we want a cute suit for the beach and the pool.

Cute, but not scary. No high cut briefs. No cleavage. No bikinis. A tankini is okay, but we want full belly coverage.

This is proving to be more difficult than I had hoped. Even in the land of sun and surf.

We found some cute separates at Lands End, but the smallest they come is a 4-6. That's great for me, but not so good for Hannah. They have cute kids swimsuits, but we need a little support, you know? Also, when we decided to go ahead and order the small and just see how it fit, we found that they had already sold out of many of their small sizes. Bummer.

So we've gone to local swim shops, but low cut in front seems to be big this year. And little boy shorts are cute, but we need a little more height - we gots'ta be able to bend over!

My sister sent a link to Modbe. They have cute suits, but, I think a little more mom-ish than Hannah wants. In fact, I might order one for me, and a skirt. But, I have a feeling that I can only order if I join their little home-sales party club.

What's a mom to do?

We ordered this:
But I'm not sure. We are going to try two more stores this morning, and if we don't find anything we like better, than we'll keep it, but...

Do YOU have any ideas?


txmommy said...

finding modest swimware is the worst. Second only to modest formal wear.

I sympathize with you...good luck!

Deanne said... pose a good question. I usually buy my swimwear from Land's End, from the overstocks section online. I have a long torso and they offer that. Sorry you haven't found anything cute for Hannah. And sorry I am not any help! :(

Mary said...

Hey Wendy, if you decide to order a suit from Modbe, I have a friend you could order through and not do a party thing (I am totally not advertising here since I have never bought anything from them, ever, and I generally am not totally enthusiastic about those parties where you have to buy stuff if you go...) I think I want one of their suits.

There are other companies that sell that kind of stuff too so maybe they have something for a young teen.

That suit is really cute by the way.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you! A friend told me just the other day that her sister bought a tankini that she liked and in order to keep it in place so she wasn't showing her belly every time she moved, she sewed in little snaps around the hem of the shirt and hem of the bottoms. That could be an option for the tankini look without being immodest, nerdy as it might sound.

Mary said...

p.s. Wendy, I just found this, and that might be an option if the suit you ordered turns out cute, but isn't giving all the coverage you want (I guess it is supposed to be an under layer.

Mary said...

Sorry, that was too long, try this:

Elizabeth-W said...

I remember we were blogging about this topic last year. I searched my blog and I guess it wasn't mine. Maybe another one of your readers who has been around awhile will remember whose post it was because I think there were some decent suggestions there.
Maybe just google modest swimsuits and see what you get?

Carrotjello said...

I've bought modest swimsuits for my daughters on ebay a couple times. Once in a great while Old Navy will have some too.

Suzanne said...

Ooh, that's a tough one. It's so hard to find cute modest things that aren't frumpy. I like the blue one you pictured. Good luck! :)

Amanda said...

I did a search of modest swimwear and came up with several websites. One of them was I think it is a Utah company. There has got to be something you can find somewhere. Good luck!!

No Cool Story said...

Your new post didn't show up on Newsgator until now >:(
Anyway, this is exactly where we are at right now Wendy (we are going to the mall tomorrow see what we can find), it's so disapointing.
Cute, but not scary. No high cut briefs. No cleavage. No bikinis. A tankini is okay, but we want full belly coverage, exactly! how come there's one of this at a regular store?.

We are going on vacation next week, so I need something for Fashionista pronto, and she's very picky.
I liked the modbeclothing, but how can you buy those? Mary?

Carrotjello said...

speedo outlet has some good selection...|21473|101&cm_ven=Search&cm_cat=I-search%20(Google%20Adwords)&cm_pla=keyword&cm_ite=tankini_test2&OESSOA=6053084

wendy said...

Thanks for all your tips. It is tricky to find something with some coverage + cute + not frumpy.

In my search I found that target seems to have a pretty good selection, but we don't have one on island. And Sporting Goods stores have more one pieces than anyone else. And Sears carries some Lands End items in their store.

Sorry for your pain, NCS. Good luck shopping - oh the pain!!! I made Hannah cry over no less than 5 swimsuits.

We kept the little tankini in the picture and Hannah wore it to the beach today. It really is cute, and not bad as far as coverage goes. but...

wendy said...

Ooo - Carrotjello, thanks for the links! Eddie Bauer has some cute suits - but wowza $$$.

I think the competition swimsuits are cute.

Amber said...

No suggestions on this one but I've found it particularly more difficult to find modest swimsuits in vacation locations. I've been looking for one for my almost-3-year-old and have been pretty shocked with how skanky they make them at such an early age!

muse said...

What about Speedo or dance leotards?

No Cool Story said...

I made Hannah cry. OMGosh Wendy, I'm so glad I'm not the only one :(
Why does modest shopping have to end in tears?

Jody said...

I secon Carrotjello. Speedo has some great suits and they are perfect for surfing as well. Good coverage, cute and they stay put too! It is what I surf in, but I can still get a good tan too!

anniepall said...

that's a cute suit that you ordered. i would definitely check out and i'm sure they'll have some cute stuff. what size is she? limited too has some cute stuff, i just looked at their site and they separate them into one piece, two piece sections. good luck!!

orchard_girl said...

Good luck with the swim suits. Before my scuba class, I thought I'd get a new suit. My plans to go to Portland fell through, then my plans to go to TD fell through, so I ended up at big W. Why do they have a ton of XL-XXXL, 2 size 4's and only one that would fit me?

Marjie said...


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