Wednesday, March 14, 2007

This is Why I'm Hot

Happy Birthday, Laurie!

Laurie is the #1 McSister. As a kid, I remember her always trying to keep me in line. For a long time she told me I was soooooo annoying. She said it in such a sweet voice, and I just knew she loved me and thought I was great. It took me a long time to figure out what annoying really meant. Big meanie.

She and her husband have come to visit us in every place the Air Force has taken us. Once they even came for Thanksgiving while Nathan was deployed. That meant a lot to me. We're hoping they continue the tradition and come snorkel with us!

I love you Laurie!


Hannah had Young Women's last night (can I just say for the record, I love how the two, soon to be three, wards in our building do not have youth activities on the same night. It is nice to go to the church on Tuesdays and have the whole building to ourselves.) Anyway, Hannah had Young Women's and Nathan is out of town, so we all had to head down to the chapel. Since it's only an hour, and since there is nothing to do near the church, the 3 other kids and I just hung out in one of the classrooms and watched a movie with some other little kids.

We made paper airplanes and John and his friend Enoch dive bombed everyone and everything in sight. We made cootie catchers and Sydney told me my fortune (I will get a million dollars.) Then we found a rubberband, and we took turns shooting it across the room to see who could shoot it the farthest (me saying: be careful...don't hit'll shoot yer eye out...etc) After a while Emily started to get silly with the rubber band so I had to put it away.

Then I started playing with it. I stretched it way out. I made a rubber band gun with my finger, I twisted it around and around my thumb. There is something very satisfying about stretching out a rubber band...

Then, ZAP, the rubber band slipped and popped me on the lip.

It stung. It made my eyes water. I would have cried but there were child-sized witnesses. Right about then the youth finished up their activities, and all the adults came out into the foyer and started visiting, while I've got a white welt across my upper lip! I am so hot!

We heard this song on the way home, and really, it sums it all up for me:

This is why I'm hot
This is why I'm hot
This is why, this is why,
this is why I'm hot:

I'm hot
cuz I'm fly
You ain't
cuz U not.

This is why, this is why
this is why I'm hot.


Elizabeth-W said...

Just tell people you tried that lip pumping lip gloss, and had an allergic reaction. Although, that may be just as embarrassing ;)

Deanne said...

Sorry about your boo-boo! Sounds like you had fun before that though. Is that any consolation? Guess you can add 'you'll hit yourself in the lip' to your list of reasons to be careful! :)

Batya said...

rubber bands can be dangerous
careful there

Suzanne said...

Ow!!! That would have been hard for me not to cry too!

May I ask what a cootie catcher is??? Is it another name for the fortune tellers? :)

Amanda said...

Sounds like a lot of fun right up until the rubber band incident. :(

Yes, do tell. What is a cootie catcher??

Mary said...

Care-fee, care-fee! Funny!

Anonymous said...

yeah bwoii! lol mom. this is why you're hot. that song is great, huh? I probably could just tell you this, but it's fun to comment on your blog, even if you're going to delete it soon anyways
luv ya!

No Cool Story said...

Ok, first of all Happy Birthday Laurie!

Second, I shouldn't have laughed, but I did BUT before I laughed I shed an imaginary tear for you because I bet that hurt, but then I laughed because you were so brave to keep your composure in front of the little witnesses. "Now children what lesson did Sister Tiki Hut teach us tonight?". Poor you Wendy.

PS: "a million dollars", awesome! I 'm packing my bags and coming to visit you then.

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

I have never learned how to fold one of those things and now I feel so out of it.

Your poor lip! Ouch! Let that be a lesson to you! ;)

anniepall said...

that is hilarious. but made my eyes water while reading it. i feel your pain.

what song is that that you were listening to?

oh, and i found your blog through hot fruita moms, i hope it's ok that i commented!

wendy said...

Elizabeth - lip plumping gloss...brilliant. Luckily there was no swelling the next morning.

Suzanne & Amanda - a cootie catcher is a paper folded contraption, I think also called a fortune teller. I will have to take pictures of Sydney making one so you can make them yourselves.

Hannah - you are great. I will not delete your comment, silly girl!

NCS - with my million dollars I will fly you over!

Anniepall - Thanks for commenting! I don't know the actual name of the song, but I googled "this is why I'm hot", and came up with the words. It is a rap song that my daughter knows the words of. She sang along to the chorus and then told me that I shouldn't listen to the rest of the song...hmm.

anniepall said...

wendy, thanks for letting me know! lol. well, maybe i WON'T look into it.