Thursday, March 01, 2007

One Year Older and Wiser, too!

G'morning sleepy head. How does it feel to be 9 years old?

Odd McSister birthday tradition - breaking though paper over your door. Fun!

Can you do it?

All in one breath?

Cool checkered cake! Thanks for the recipe, Anna! By the way, Sydney was a little disappointed that there were no red and black markers on the cake - when I said checkered cake, she thought I meant checkers!

Sydney's big birthday treat was a trip to Hanai Bear where she got to pick out her own teddy bear to stuff, then dress. So many adorable choices - cowboy or girl, astronaut, surfer dude, bumble bear, princesses, school girl, and more! Sydney named her new bear Malia, Hawaiian for Mary. Isn't she a cute little hula bear? Time for bed birthday girl!

Happy Birthday, to you!


Deanne said...

Cake looks great! Is that three layers? Mmmmmmm..... Is the cake plate a 'birthday' plate?? I've heard of people doing that, sounds like fun! I usually put the b-day cake on the elevate cake plate (it has a nice dome cover too)

Looks like Sydney had a great day! Awesome! :)

Amanda said...

Looks like she had a great day! Her bear looks so cute. That cake is something else too. I drove by Amardillo's yesterday and thought of you guys.

Amber said...

What a cooool looking cake! My 2-year-old daughter insists on making Grandma's birthday came tomorrow and it looks like a recipe worth trying (though I'm alll about Costco's stellar recipe. :-)

wendy said...

Deanne - it IS a birthday plate. One year Sydney had her birthday party at a pottery place. It is cute!

Amanda - we need an Armadillos here. Cheap ice cream is perfect on a hot day. Sydney went to Armadillo's with Rebekah last year on her birthday!

Amber - how fun to be able to make Grandma's cake. Costco does have a fine recipe!

JoyceMcB said...

Happy Birthday Sydney. How I love that girl and her famous nuzzles. The cake looks great. We tried to call but missed you. And I'm not sure what time to call to get you in the evening.

Anyway, I remember the day Syd was born very well. We came strolling into your room just minutes (maybe 5 or 10 minutes) after Sydney was born - in fact and they hadn't even gotten you cleaned up. In fact the afterbirth was sitting on a table - interesting I don't remember ever seeing that before. I think we were a little embarrassed. But what a special time for a special girl. Love ya, mom

Mary said...

Mom, that's funny! What a surprise!

Syd is a cutie, the cake looks delish (you and Anna did a great job!), and the bear is adorable. Fun birthday.

No Cool Story said...

How cute! That cake looks great (yep, I have added it to my endless colllection of recipes).
That bear is adorable. What a fun day.

Elizabeth-W said...

You surf AND bake?!! You take the cake, girlie!! :)

txmommy said...

cute bear!
great cake, happy birthday:)

Anna McBride said...

Yay, the cake turened out perfect!! Sydney looks so cute busting through the paper. Cute bear

Donna Boucher said...

Excellent cake!

Blessings to Sydney!

Laurie said...

Sounds like a fun birthday!