Sunday, March 11, 2007

Not Quite

This morning, I was taking too long in my shower, and Emily came in to see if I was done yet. When I said, "Not quite," she asked, "What does quite mean?" I answered, "It means almost." And she said, "So, you mean you are Not Almost done?"

What does quite mean?

She was talking to me some more as I was getting ready for church and she told me that while I was taking my long shower she had played a game of checkers with her imaginary friend. Emily won!


I hope you remembered to Spring Forward today! It is always embarrassing to be an hour late for church, or early, (which one is it? I can't remember.) You are now an hour more ahead of us, as Hawaii does not observe Daylight Savings Time. (Arizona is the only other state that doesn't change, either.) Do other countries do daylight savings?


QD P said...

Wendy, you will relate to this. We have 9 am church. As I'm looking around the chapel this morning, I only see one teacher! I tried not to panic though, knowing about the time change and realizing that people are just running behind. Luckily, only 1 of the 14 teachers didn't show up today.

Donna Boucher said...

I sat on Katie's imaginary friend,Laura, the other day!

Poor little Laura!

Katie plays SET with Laura :o)

Quite can mean wholly, completely.

I am not completely done yet :o)

Amanda said...

Sacrament meeting was pretty sparse today. That would be a primary president's worst nightmare come true. Where are the teachers????

Oh, did you hear that Sarah Deal was made a 3rd counselor while Sarah Skelton is gone? Sarah (D) is so cute and so excited.

wendy said...

Amanda - Sparse isn't always bad. It could mean way less kids, too! Yeah for Sarah D!

Annie - Sacrament meeting is so much more relxing now that I'm not spending the whole time counting up primary teachers and scheming about who to ask to sub.

Donna - ouch! Completely. Perfect explaination. Thank you!

Donna Boucher said...

I looked it up :o)

Elizabeth-W said...

Our ward meets at 12:40. When I got to the parking lot at 12:36 there weren't many cars there. I thought that surely THAT many people hadn't forgotten to change their clocks. Turns out that the water main line into the church broke, and so the ward before only had Sacrament meeting, and so would we.
So between the fact that the ward before us wasn't there still in the parking lot, and some families who didn't think getting ready for only 1 hour of church was worth the hassle, it was pretty quiet in our building.
I dreamed last night that instead of just moving back one hour, we moved two hours. As it is, we're on the time zone border, so in July the sun is up til 10pm (meaning there is still some light in the sky). In my dream it was 11 pm and it was still very bright, and my kids were not getting to sleep until very late!

Deanne said...

I don't care much for the time change thing. I wonder if it throws the rest of the world off when America does this. It would be easier to do away with the whole thing! Our pastor does not observe the change until after the second service ends (which is noon). Yeah for our pastor!!! :)

Change of subject....are you totally bummed about not winning the card raffle thing?? Would you be interested in doing a trade?? Cards for a nifty Wendy-made towel??? :)

wendy said...

Donna - handy thing, google!

Elizabeth - what an odd dream. A good friend of mine lived in Iceland for a couple of years - it would stay light out day and night. They had heavy curtains to make it seem more like bedtime.
1 hour church is kind of fun!

Deanne - I only cried for a minute. I would be interested in trading. What kind of towel are you interested in? Duck? Shark? Ladybug? Bunny? baby style or poncho? Let me know!

Amber said...

Ahhh, the joys of the time changes. This was the one I usually wouldn't like but now that I have little kids, it means they "sleep in" an hour later. Not really but I pretend. Just like much of my life. :-)

carronin said...

I was one of those lazy primary teachers who were late for sacrament. I'm sure the primary president was freakin because I agreed to cover another class.For the record my hubby did get my sons there in time to pass the sacrament.

Suzanne said...

We forgot about Daylight Savings Time until that morning, but luckily, we don't go to church until 1:00. That was a quick morning! LOL! :)

Carrotjello said...

We were 15 minutes early for church. Not that I'm bragging or anything.

No Cool Story said...

I don't mind the time change thing at all, except this time, it was such a hassle, downloading the "time change.exe" from Microsoft, then I couldn't get my PDA to take the change >:( not fun times at all.

"Not quite", hmmm. It's like "not completely". You know, like some might say Super Happy Girl is not quite a beauty, but she's pretty cute in a weird kind of way...or something like that.