Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Spring Break 2007

Em and John Splash

Wave Jumping

Where's John?

Spring Break is 2 weeks long, here in Hawaii. We are in the middle of week 2 and so far we have:
gone shopping at two different malls
gone to the beach 4 times
painted ceramic animals and "sticky paper"
shopped at the BYU Hawaii bookstore
walked around the Temple grounds and visitor center
gone on a hike to a lighthouse
gotten a brain freeze from Shave Ice
played with friends
and enjoyed a little whale watching.

Whew. This is getting tiring.

Today we got up early and headed to Hanauma Bay for some snorkling, but the parking lot was already full at 9am, so we checked out Bellows AFB and got information about reserving a cabin for our vacation this summer. They also have group camping - anyone want to come for a family reunion? This place is perfect - beautiful grounds, right on the beach, in Hawaii, and only $35 a night for groups up to 75 people. Mom?

We still wanted a little water action, so we decided to head to downtown Waikiki and swim at the Hale Koa resort. We found the parking easily (a miracle for me.) Then we spent 4 hours swimming in a pool right off the beach. It was beautiful, and so fun! Emily is such a little fish! By chance, we met some friends from our neighborhood there, too.

It was a super fun day, but now I'm tired. Nathan is gone this week, and I am having a terrible time sleeping. I keep waking up at about 1:15am and am not able to get back to sleep for hours. On Tuesday night I never went back to sleep. I tossed and turned, then read until the sun came up. Help! What can I do? I need my sleep to survive the rest of our Spring Break adventures...


Deanne said...

It all sounds good, except for the no sleep part. Sorry. Would it help to have one of the kids in bed with you? I always double check the window locks during the day (freaks me out to look at night). Also, I pray a lot. Bible verses help too, ones that remind me of His protection and peace. Although last week I stayed up waaaaayyyy too late at night watching the first season of Lost on dvd, I try not to watch any shows that are scary or have darker themes. It just makes sense to not have that stuff floating in my mind while I try to sleep. Oh! I also keep the cordless phone under Ryan's pillow so I can easily reach it if I have to. I think that about sums up my list of things to do to help me sleep at night when my man is gone. Next week will be my turn again. *sigh*

No Cool Story said...

2 weeks long?! They are totally making up for the lack of Valentine's Day!.
I'm so in for your family reunion.
I have been having trouble falling/staying asleep lately. I took a Tylenol PM a couple of nights, but I don't want to depend on it to sleep. Hope it gets better for you.

"Whew. This is getting tiring." Oh, you are a bad one Miss Wendy.

nikko said...

Oh boy, I hear you. Being the fun mom is exhausting. Spring break for our family nearly did me in.

Sorry you're not sleeping well. Wish I had some good advice. I guess just go to bed as early as you can if you keep waking at the same time every night. I dunno. Sorry.

Amanda said...

Sorry to hear you are having trouble sleeping. I would probably try a Tylenol PM too.

Your spring break sounds like so much fun. Tiring, but fun. Hey, can we be family for your family reunion? :D

Suzanne said...

I cracked up at your mention of a summer vacation because in my mind I guess I just pictured it like you were on vacation permanently because you live in Hawaii...But of course you would want a regular vacation just like everyone else!

It sounds like you've done lots of fun activities. I have no idea for helping you sleep. My problem is getting to sleep initially, but once I'm out, it's difficult for me to wake up again. How I managed to feed my newborns through the night is a mystery to me! LOL :)

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

Wow, 2 weeks long, huh? Harrison came home from school today and informed us that our spring break was only one week long. I was like, yeah, thank goodness. I had no idea other places had longer ones. :) Good luck!

compulsive writer said...

Of course spring break is two weeks long in Hawaii. In fact, isn't living in Hawaii just like one big long spring break?

It's been snowing here. Your fun pics made me a bit jealous, but happy to know that somewhere in the world the sun is shining and it's above freezingQ

Aubrey said...

sounds like some tough spring break. just kidding! i LOVE shave ice. oh, i can't WAIT for summer!

Anonymous said...

Just do what Nate and I do when we are deployed and cannot sleep - take an ambien! The flight doc says its perfectly O.K. :)

Wish we were there hanging out on the beach with you guys. Its snowed and blowed like a blizzard all day today!

muse said...

sounds like a vacation

You may be eating the wrong things at night.
Maybe you're "over-tired"

orchard_girl said...

Three more days of spring break! Abby has been going crazy. I need some fun summer ideas, that don't include surfing at North Shore.

wendy said...

The thing is, I worry that if I take a Tylenol PM I won't be alert enough if a mad mass murderer breaks in to the house...

I slept a little better last night, though, and we were lazy today, so I should be up for another day of beach tomorrow.

Sorry about all the snow out there. I'll post more beach pictures tomorrow to help warm your toes.

Laurie said...

Sometimes when I can't sleep this works for me. I do a relaxation exercise where I imagine lying on the beach. The waves come up and tickle my feet, and then when the waves wash out they wash out all the tension in my feet. Then, the waves come up a little higher and tickle my calves, etc.