Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Wanna Ride?

About 20 miles west of Rapid City is the small town of Sturgis. It is a really small town - 1 McDonalds, and a very small grocery store is all that is there. A few weeks ago we went to play at a park there and saw all of 2 cars on the road. But for one week in August, the sleepy little town wakes up and hosts one of the biggest bike rallies around. This is the 65th Sturgis Bike Rally

From our home we can hear a constant roar of motorcycles all day and into the night. The motorcycles started arriving this weekend, and more just keep on coming.

Main Street, Sturgis, SD
I borrowed these pictures from Sturgis Street Blog He updates his blog a few times a day.

The Sturgis Bike Rally is the big topic of conversation - have you been? are you going? do you have a motorcycle? did you see that crash? etc. I heard that so many people come to Sturgis that it doubles the population of the state of SD. I don't know if that is true (I'll have to do a little research) but there really are more motorcycles here than I have ever seen before in my life. We counted 137 bikes on a quick drive to the store this morning.

We were in Yellowstone last summer during the Bike Rally, so we missed most of the fun. I guess Sturgis used to be a really dangerous wild place, but it has become more law abiding in the last few years. But I still would not recommend hanging out there late at night unless you happen to have a big biker boyfriend.

There is a definate dress code for these bikers. Beard. Tank top. Tattoo. Harley. Ponytail optional.

I wonder who ensures that there are enough bathrooms for all those people.


Batya said...

I was just in the states and saw some, not young bike riders.

Doesn't sound like they're set for public toilets, or they just have different priorities.

Mary said...

Hey, remember when Nate rode all the way from central California to Oregon on a motorcycle to visit you? Waha! Does the Sturgis bike rally make you miss your biker of days gone by? I guess flying planes is cooler than riding silly motor cycles...

About the bathrooms, I imagine this lot doesn't give much worry to where they go potty.

texasblu said...

Oh my goodness - I'm looking over your blog and realized I haven't been over in awhile! Sorry!!!!! We've taken in my nephew, we're in the process of house hunting, packing to move, and all four of my kids got shots yesterday. I PROMISE I'll be over more!! :)

PS LOVE your description of biker attire.