Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Rain

Rain on the garden grass,
And rain on the tree
And rain on the house-top
But not upon me!

This is one of my favorite poems from mom. It is just a little preschool poem, and though I looked in my files I could not find an author. This is all of the poem that I have, mom. Do you think there is more to it?

I googled for it and found this version:
Rain on the doghouse
Rain on the dog
Rain on the duck pond
Rain on the log
Rain on the grass
And Rain on the tree
Rain on my umbrella
But not on me!

I think I like the shorter version best.


Anonymous said...

In our favorite poem book that Laurie gave us, it goes:
Rain on the green grass,
And rain on the tree,
And rain on the housetop,
But not upon me! (Anonymous)
Your's sounds good to me!

Joyce McB said...

Heather, It sounds like you have found the favorite poem book now that you are moved back into your home. Would you tell me the name of the book? I want to try to find it on the internet. I love the poem. Mom

texasblu said...

Wendy, this is so cute! I'm going to share it with my girls... I bet they'll memorize it! :)