Wednesday, August 24, 2005


It has taken me two weeks to get my running back up to where it was before vacations and a cold. I try to run 3 days a week and then I try to do something else on the other 3 days - I have been riding Hannah's bike or going on a walk, and I am thinking about swimming. So my mile times last week were over 10 minutes, but this morning I ran my 3 miles in 29 minutes - so my mile time is 9 minutes 20 seconds. Yeah for me!

One day last week I grabbed a pair of Hannah's socks, and they really hurt my poor foot. I usually wear little ankle length, smooth cotton-blend socks, but Hannah has some cotton socks with little loops inside, like terrycloth. Those little loops rubbed my instep something terrible, and when I made it back home I had to take off my shoes and do my cool down walk bare foot. Ouch. My blister is feeling better this week.

I feel rather silly riding Hannah's bike around the neighborhood. The thing about living in military housing is that you not only know your immediate neighbors, but you know people all around the neighborhood. So someone you know is sure to see you out exercising. Yesterday the bishop was heading to work as I was wheeling Hannah's bike out. Nathan let me wear his bike shorts to cushion my bum, and seeing the bishop early in the morning while wearing bike shorts is a wee bit embarrassing. Oh well. It was a nice bike ride, though all these hills make it more of a workout than I had imagined. I am getting good at shifting gears.

ps - Mom, the poem is one I got from you. I don't know who wrote it, but I think you had it with an illustration of an umbrella with only little rain boots showing underneath.


Joyce McB said...

I thought I recognized the poem as one I had used years ago when we had pre-school for you kids. But I don't have the poem any more. Or at least I don't have it unpacked. I'm not sure where all the files are that I used to use for giving talks or for pre-school. Do you have the whole poem? I'd love to have it again. Mom

Joyce McB said...

P.S. I am really proud of your running and bike riding. Mom

Mary said...

I love the image of you riding Hannah's bike. It isn't too tiny though. I think it would be funnier and much more work if you took Syd's out for a spin every now and then!

When do the girls start school?

texasblu said...

I'm impressed - at least you can shift gears! I've never been able to figure those things out - I do good staying upright! LOL!

RANDI said...


I have recently started running and I have gotten up to 2 miles in 25 minutes. Not great, but better than I was a month ago! My goal is to run a 5K in September. There is a 10K also but I think I started running too late in the year to run that far!?! I suppose that time will tell, right?