Saturday, August 27, 2005

I finished!

Wonderful Walla - John

John is modeling the completed Wonderful Wallaby. I am so proud. It fits him nicely and I think he won't mind wearing it this winter. It is pretty warm here today, though, and I had a hard time talking John into wearing his new warm sweater. But I managed to force him into it. So he ran away and didn't want me to take a picture


Then I let Emily try it on:


Which, of course, made John want another turn.

Nice Hoody

I used the Kitchener stitch to weave the hood and armpits together. Well, I mean, the hood is not connected to the armpit, but yeah, well, you know. That was pretty tricky, and partway through the hood I did something wrong, so it is a half stitch off. There was no way I could undo my stitches and try again - too confusing, but John said he doesn't mind. I found directions for the kitchener stitch here (with pictures) and here (printable). I wish you were closer, Laurie, it would have been handy to have you show me how!


Mary said...

Oh yeah! I'm so proud of you Wendy! That looks wonderful! I'm still stuck on the decreases after attaching the sleaves, but you have inspired me. I have no idea what the stitch is you are referring to. Maybe I'll have to mail mine to Laurie or you for completion :) Way to go! John and Em are so adorable!

MJ said...

That is so adorable! My favorite part of sweater making is stitching all the parts together. I wish we were a sweater wearing people here. I'd have an excuse for a knitting project beyond baby blankets, crocheting edges on baby clothes/blankets and making pot holders!

RANDI said...

Looks great! I recently started knitting but I only have 6 inches done on a scarf-maybe someday I can knit an adorable sweater!

texasblu said...

Wish I could do that... I'm all thumbs when it comes to knitting or crocheting... did I even spell it right?! LOL!