Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I have a cold

It seems strange to have a cold in August. My nose is runny. My ears seem uneven. I have a cough. My head hurts. When I lay on my side, that side of my nose gets plugged, and if I roll over, the other side gets clogged up. It is no fun.

I think it may be Primary's fault. We did a silly activity for sharing/singing time this Sunday. One of our counselors is really working to find ideas for our music leader. She found a fun idea about giving the music a "check-up."

So I dressed up in a lab coat (actually just one of Nathan's white shirts) and pull a stethoscope, and ear checker thingy out of Emily's pretend doctor kit. I put the stethoscope on and put the ear thingy in my pocket. I also put on those silly glasses with the crazy eyebrows.

I told the kids "I have some very bad news - our songs are sick, and they need your help getting better." I cut out some paper germ shapes and wrote a program song on the back of each one. I put the songs on the chalkboard and we had a child come choose a germ (song) to work on. Then I had another child come be my assistant. The assistant held a clipboard and we watched while everyone sang the song.

We were watching to see if the kids knew the words, if they knew the tune, if they were standing and sitting when the chorister told them to, etc. We sang a couple of the songs a few times before we decided that they were on the road to recovery.

Before the kids left I told them "You need to take some medicine to help the songs get better." I gave them each a "Mike and Ikes" candy. I also made sure they understood that I am not really a doctor and that I was only giving out candy, and that only real doctors can give medicine, etc.

It was a fun activity and the kids seemed to really like it. But - Yikes! - Our little ones just don't seem to know the songs. And they sing very quietly. It is a good thing our program isn't until November.

So maybe I those bad germs rubbed off on me and gave me this cold.


Joyce McB said...

Wendy, I love this idea for singing time. I'm going to call one of our Primary councilors and give her your blog address. I think that Amy will love it too. Mom

Joyce McB said...

P.S. Sorry about your cold. I hope you are feeling better soon. Eat some chicken noodle soup - maybe that will make you feel better. Mom

Mary said...

Wendy, that was such a cute idea! Too bad it made you sick ;) I always seem to get a summer cold and it is no fun! Rest up and feel better soon.

MJ said...

Feel better Wendy! I loved the Primary germ/song idea. Very creative!

My son loves getting a shoulder kiss from a heart or a butterfly (on a stick) when he sings "good" in Primary. He talks all week about it when it happens.

Laurie said...

Dr. Wendy has a nice ring to it...