Friday, August 05, 2005

Donna at Quiet Life posts 5 questions on Friday. Here are the questions and my answers.

1. Do you have a pet? What is it? Names please.
Sam the dog - he is technically Hannah's dog, but she is nice enough to share with us. Sam is a 2 year old Golden Retriever. John (almost 2) is Sam's biggest fan. John calls him Sammy.

2. How near is your nearest sibling?
My sisters are all over the place. I think my closest sister Erin. Erin is the baby of the family and is going to be a Senior this year. She lives in Utah and is about 12 hours (by car) away.

3. How far away is your farthest?
Mary, near Baltimore, is the farthest. But I got to see her and Erin in Utah last week. Fun!

4. How did you meet your husband. If you have one. If not, where do you meet nice men?
Church dance in high school. He is still just as cute!

5. Does living in a Villa in Tuscany appeal to you?
Tuscany sounds lovely

Today is the first Friday of August, so we are headed to the base for dinner with Nathan's squadron. For a special treat they will have a B-1 open for us to go inside and see.

The last time we were able to go inside the B-1 was right after John was born. As part of Nathan's training they had a special day where family members could go inside the B-1 and also try out the simulators. It was a big deal, and most of the guys and girls had family come from all over the county to be there. Poor Nathan. John was like a week old and as soon as I got to the squadron with all 4 (what? How many kids do you have? 4?) kids, John needed to eat. It was my first big outing with John. We really do have more kids than most any one, and I was uncomfortable about that.

I was also feeling overwhelmed by all the people in uniform, and could not imagine feeding John in the auditorium. Also Emily was just 2 and not interested in sitting quietly and listening. I had a wee little panic attack, and went home with Emily and John, leaving Hannah and Sydney with Nathan. At one point in the program everyone was introducing their guests - this is my mom from New York, this is my sister from California, etc. When it was Nathan's turn, he had no special guests, I had gone home, and even Hannah and Sydney had left to go to the bathroom. I still feel bad about not being there for that. Sorry Nathan.

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Mary said...

Poor Nate! Maybe someday someone in the combined family will show up for his special Air Force events! Wah!

Here are my 5 answers:

1. Do you have a pet? Not unless you count Lindsey - she crawls really fast, eats anything off the floor she can manage to get into her mouth before I pry it out of her hands, and isn't potty trained...

2. How near is your nearest sibling? Laurie is the "closest" and she is probably more than 12 hours away in Illinois. Doesn't anybody want to come live by me in lonesome, lovely, humid Maryland?

3. How far away is your farthest? Sarah definitely lives on the total opposite side of the U.S. from us. How fun that we each live in the two different Washingtons!

4. How did you meet your husband... We just discussed this Wendy, but Rand and I met at Y-days, BYU freshman orientation. That poofy blonde hair and square smile won me over pronto.

5. Does living in a villa in Tuscany appeal to you? Oh yeah! I've seen "Under the Tuscan Sun" and have wanted to move there since. Especially if that villa came with a handsome amount of real Italian food, a Vespa, stylish Euro clothes, and a few hot Italian men to whistle at me now and then...haha

So, I just wrote lots. I'm still vacationing in CA and the fam is sleeping - why can't I get a good night's sleep here? Chao