Friday, January 14, 2005

A Long Weekend with Nothing to Do

Nathan had today off, and there is no school on Monday or Tuesday. I think we will just stay cozy and warm in our house. We had planned to go to the Temple this weekend, but with the weather so cold and the wind blowing so hard, we decided that an 8 hour drive on country roads through North Dakota was not a good idea.

Tonight Nathan is working on a little project, I am typing, Emily and Syd are playing with the Little People train, John is in bed, and Han is playing an intense game on the Gamecube (only because Nathan is workingin the garage.)

So what do you do when you have no where to be and nothing to do?

I think I will be like the Mama (of The Five Little Monkeys With Nothing To Do) and have my 4 little monkeys pick up and pick up and pick up.

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muse said...

Nice long weekend to enjoy together. What a gift! The weatherpixie's cute. I'm thinking of putting one up.